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Melitta® c35 The fast and precise fully automatic coffee machine for fresh milk coffee specialities. Melitta SystemService

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S p e e d a n d P r e c i s i o n Performance The Melitta® c35 enables you to serve customerspecifi c coffee/milk variations – from espresso to coffee crème and latte macchiato, or even a decaffeinated cappuccino. With a performance of up to 200 cups per hour, the Melitta® c35 ensures that orders are served quickly and effi ciently, even during peak periods. A powerful and highly precise grinder with ground stainless steel disks guarantees a perfect grind and a long service life (up to 80,000 grindings). This high-grade technology ensures consistently high coffee quality. The add-on module...

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Modern touch-screen color display The Melitta® c35 boasts a modern, fresh design with touch-screen color display. The new color display of the Melitta® c35 can be confi gured according to individual customer wishes. Up to 10 products can be displayed simultaneously on each screen page. Customized background images allow specifi c customer information, e.g. in self-service mode, and make the Melitta® c35 an ideal sales promotion partner. With its innovative display and animation concept, the Melitta® c35 is particularly well suited to self-service operation. Cappuccino Café crème Coffee jug...

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Easy to operate Thanks to its clear and simple operation, the Melitta® c35 is your ideal partner for self-service operation. The display shows users the current operating status and guides them through the necessary steps. Cleaning CIP - Clean in Place: the world‘s easiest milk cleaning system and hygiene program – and of course HACCP approved. Components can be cleaned without being removed. The milk system is automatically cleaned with a steam jet after each product is served. Coffee quality Each coffee/milk speciality can be programmed to reflect individual customer preferences and each...

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Chip cards The simple chip card system makes the machine easy to operate and regulates access for staff, managers and service technicians. Milk cooler As an optimum addition to the slim Melitta® c35, the range also includes an equally slim milk cooler – just 15 cm wide. The entire coffee/milk combination has a footprint of just 50 cm. 15 cm + 35 cm = 50 cm Removable bean containers One or two transparent and easily refi llable bean containers – each holding up to 1.3 kg – for one or two different coffee blends (e.g. schümli and espresso). The bean containers can be easily detached, making...

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Operation Depending on the setting, over 100 different products can be easily selected via the touch-screen. Color display Large, individually programmable touch-screen TFT color display. Chip card system The simple chip card system makes the machine easy to operate and regulates access for staff, managers and service technicians. Automatic Coffeequality System (ACS) Any variation in the grind quality, powder quantity, piston pressure, water temperature or brewing time is monitored and automatically corrected. Variable Pressure System (VPS) To ensure optimum coffee quality, the contact...

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12CM cw mcs mc mcu mc/is • • • • 4 litres 9 litres 4 litres 4 litres rage and cup size) 200 250 200 40 80 6.8 0.15 0.15 0.15 0.15 0.15 400/16 280 x 547 x 621 mm 150 x 547 x 621 mm 285 x 525 x 631 mm 350 x 650 x 218 mm 150 x 548 x 776 mm cw mcs mc Cup warmer Milk cooler Milk cooler Sub-frame milk cooler Milk cooler / integrated chocolate module mcu mcs/is

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® Registered trademark of a Melitta Group company. · 04/2011 Melitta SystemService GmbH & Co. KG • PO Box 13 26 • 32373 Minden/Germany • Telefon: 05 71/ 50 49 - 0 • Fax: 05 71 / 50 49 233 • E-Mail: • MELITTA® FOR THE ULTIMATE IN COFFEE ENJOYMENT

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