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Melitta SystemService Melitta® bar-cube With fresh milk: the fully automatic coffee machine for connoisseurs

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MILKY DELIGHT: FRESH VARIETY IN ITS PUREST FORM. Frothed milk – automatic or manual. For those delicious milky coffee specialities, fresh milk is frothed and supplied at the press of a button – fully automatic. Or if you prefer manual preparation: use the special steam outlet for a perfect topping. Coffee crème Simply incredible how much coffee culture is packed into such a compact machine! Choose from 30 settings to enjoy specialities as diverse as espresso, schümli, cappuccino, latte macchiato or coffee crème. There is even a possibility for a second bean hopper to use an extra blend. The...

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BEAUTIFULLY SIMPLE. SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL. Simple operation and sophisticated technology – beautiful design. Never before the ultimate coffee enjoyment has been so simple, fast and reliable to prepare. The Melitta® bar-cube gives you the option to produce one perfect coffee speciality after the other with the flair and style of an Italian barista. And all at the press of a button. For international coffee specialities at the bar, in the office kitchen or behind the sales counter.

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The Melitta® bar-cube is ideal wherever coffee enjoyment is appreciated. Whether in hotels, restaurants, cafés, bakeries or gas stations, the Melitta® bar-cube fits beautifully into any surroundings. Its small dimensions and classic design evoke an Italian coffee bar atmosphere. The machine’s high-quality housing is not only a visual highlight.You’ll soon come to appreciate its robust and easy-to-clean surfaces. With its simple and logical user panel, the Melitta® bar-cube is also ideally suited for self-service operation. Making it a firm favourite in offices and canteens. But the Melitta®...

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ALL GOOD THINGS ARE EASY TO OPERATE Very easy to operate. Heavy-duty technology. The metal brew unit with horizontally mounted metal piston ensures maintenance-free operation for up to 30,000 coffee products a year. A precision grinder guarantees consistently fine grinding quality. In combination with its preinfusion system – whereby the ground coffee is wetted to release the flavour substances – and micro-fine sieve, the machine produces highly aromatic, top-quality espressos and coffee specialities, such as cappuccino or latte macchiato. This enables an optimized grinding process for...

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MELITTA BAR-CUBE AT A GLANCE. Compare the quality. The ten key benefits of the Melitta® bar-cubes at a glance: 1. Professional metal brew unit Simple operation with large graphic display Integrated grinder for finely ground coffee Melitta® bar-cube Micro-fine sieve for more aroma from less coffee Maximum quality ensured by variable pressure for each coffee speciality (VPS = Variable Pressure System) Two bean containers for different blends Automatic milk frother for fresh milk Basic model Type designation Hot water outlet Water connection Supplementary equipment Milk foamer system Access...

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280 mm bar-cube cw Cup warmer for approx. 80-120 cups Milk cooler/ cup warmer for 42-80 cups Milk cooler for approx. 4 ltr. Milk 280 mm bar-cube mc-MP bar-cube mc-CR Milk cooler/ electronic coin mechanism/ electronic card scanner Milk cooler for approx. 4 ltr. Milk mc-MP / mc-CR Subject to technical model changes. Possible color deviations due to printing.

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® Registered trademark of a Melitta Group company. · 04/2010 Melitta SystemService GmbH & Co. KG • PO Box 13 26 • 32373 Minden/Germany • Phone: +49 571/ 50 49 - 0 • Fax: +49 571 / 50 49 233 • E-Mail: •

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