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Guests are interesting, demanding, individual. You meet them everyday, however these meetings should never be routine. How you can contribute new quality to these meetings? With perfectly made coffee experience it with the new Cafina Alpha. ®

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Achieving the highest degree of sophistication means renouncing many things… Chance for example. Perfection has nothing to do with luck – it is the result of striving for excellence. The Cana® Alpha super-automatic achieves this claim in every way. The best materials, innovative solutions, proven technology and highest level of precision all join together for more: more reliability, more performance, more comfort and more quality when producing high value coffee and espresso specialties.

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High performance is when you give all you’ve got a few hundred times a day. Sovereignity is when that does not matter at all. Giving your best every day in a team means simply having more fun. That is why the Cana® Alpha is a real team-player, that relieves you from the daily grind of your work day while guaranteeing reliability at peak performance. The high quality grinder and grinding burrs make ne homogenous coffee grain structure for more than 150,000 cups ensuring reliable performance reserves.

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Always identical without the smallest difference might seem boring for some people. For us it means the highest quality, again and again and again. Making really good coffee is very exciting. Which is why the technology of the Cana® Alpha should contribute to your relaxation. It has an innovative, automatic, quality system which ensures that changes in room climate are taken into account by the self-adjusting grinders. The result is great-tasting coffee that always has the same high quality.

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The life of your guests is often fast, hectic and turbulent. Then again, you give them the feeling that some moments are more than just an instant. A strong Doppio, a perfect Latte Macchiato, a classic Cappuccino – every coffee specialty has it’s own special preparation requirements. This is why the Cana® Alpha works with a variable pressure system that changes the tamping pressure of the piston. This gives the coffee specialty you are drinking an incomparable taste – and your guests the perfect moment.

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Melitta SystemService GmbH & Co. KG Zechenstraße 60 32429 Minden Germany t + 49 (0) 571.50 49 0 f + 49 (0) 571.50 49 233 Cafina AG Römerstraße 2 5502 Hunzenschwil Switzerland t + 41 (0) 62.889 42 42 f + 41 (0) 62.889 42 89 Product design Carsten Gollnick, Berlin Concept and design Factor Design AG, Hamburg Photography Sebastian Vollmert, Hamburg Alpha GB 01.2006 ® = registered trade mark of a Melitta Group company.

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