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Value management Progress is built on ideas.

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Objective of the value management system Johann Bögl General With the introduction of a value management system, the Max Bögl Group pursues the objective of giving both its staff and its business partners an opportunity to act in an integer, fair and open manner without thereby being put at a disadvantage. The value management system is based on recommendations and requirement of the EMBWertemanagement Bau e.V (society for value management in Germany). The Max Bögl Group wants to be a law-abiding, fair and trans­ parent provider, competitor and business partner and expects the same from...

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Value management - 4

Declaration of basic values The following principles and val­ es form the basis of all our u con­­ duct in all business situa­ tions. They are an expression of our corporate culture, give us guidance and are binding for all staff at all levels. A wide range of service and top performance We are a group of companies that is developing from a mere appreciate values like traditiconstruction company into a on and loyalty. The company technology and service compa­ wants to keep its staff in good ny. We know that the basis of times as in bad times. We want to attain our business our past and...

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Value management - 5

For that reason we want honest and fair dealings with all those we subsume under “Partnerring” – viz. clients, partners, con­ ultants, sub-contractors s and suppliers. This long-term strate­ y generates a successful g construction environment by de­fining clear objectives and pro­­moting synergic effects. “Cooperation, not confrontation” provides everyone with new opportunities. It is our declared objective to establish long-term partnerships and create relationships based upon trust. We also expect the same conduct from others. An integer, open and fair conduct is the prerequisite for a...

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Value management - 6

Code of conduct Guideline It is our objective to protect our company and our staff against unethical conduct at all levels and to act as a fair partner visà-vis our business partners and clients. Our value management system includes principles of conduct with regard to law-abiding behaviour and loyalty to our company’s interests but also to how to handle gifts and benefits. We will not tolerate any conduct that violates our integrity and damages our reputation. Violations of the law and these principles of conduct have to be reported to the respective management level. Staff and executives...

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Value management - 7

Principles of conduct The following principles of con­ 1. Law abidance duct contain regulations on law abidance, loyalty to the com­ All staff have to comply with pa­­ ny’s interests and on how to all laws and regulations and han­ le gifts and benefits. d pertinent basic legal conditions applicable to project business. These are binding principles that have to be observed by our staff Law abidance in our daily routiand executives of all levels. ne is mandatory and viola­ ions t will not be tolerated. These principles are based up­ n applicable international o and national social standards...

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Value management - 8

2. Loyalty to the company’s interests 3. Non-disclosure of business secrets From all our staff we expect an economical and careful use of our assets and objects and vehi­ les assigned to them. Any c improper use will damage the com­pany. It is forbidden to use corporate property for private purposes. This includes a strict prohibi­ ion t of the use of corporate pro­ perty for commercial purposes. Neither will any private use of corporate material be accepted. Any exceptional use of vehicles, machines, equipment or tools for private purposes requires the prior approval of the superior head...

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Value management - 9

4. Avoiding conflicts of interest We want to see a professional business relationship with all those involved in business proc­ sses, e.g. clients, partners, e con­­sultants, sub-contractors and suppliers. Mixing private matters and business matters could damage our reputation and is thus not tolerated. For example, we do not award contracts to companies affiliat­ ed in terms of family or friend­ ship. We also disapprove of side-line jobs with anyone involved in our business processes. This also applies to potential business partners. We also object to our staff hav­ ing any share in...

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Value management - 10

5. Handling of gifts and benefits For gifts and benefit the basic principle is that they have to be within reasonable limits. Only such gifts and benefits are grant­ ed or accepted that cannot be deemed an influence or giving rise to a commitment. When dealing with gifts, transparency and documentation are de rigueur. Here, gifts and benefits are things granted without anything being given in return. a) Granting gifts and benefits to business partners and clients is reasonable if such do not influence or bind the client and serve client retention. Granting gifts and benefits to civil...

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Value management - 11

3. Tangible and other assets e.g. liquor, jewellery, building material, construction machin­ ery and equipment, vouchers and other tangible assets unless at or below the applicable tax threshold of currently Euro 352 and an annual maximum of Euro 100 per recipient. We restrict ourselves to granting gifts or benefits: Any violation will lead to disciplinary action, in the worst case, dismissal. The member of staff might be liable for damages. 2. bearing the Max Bögl Group’s logo. This is without prejudice to the legal regulations set forth in the Criminal Code regarding restric­ tive...

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Value management - 12

b) An acceptance of gifts and benefits from business partners and clients and other customers by our staff and their relatives is reasonable if this does not mean an influence or commitment. Again, this does all require transparency and documentation. Any acceptance of the follow­ ing gifts and benefits is fully prohibited: 1. Money e.g. in cash, as direct or indirect transfers, interest-free or lowinterest loans or non-customary, non-commensurate remuneration for private side-line jobs or non-existent jobs. 2. Perquisite e.g. free/discounted hand-over of objects, machines or vehicles for...

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