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Steel Engineering and Construction - 1

Steel Engineering and Construction Progress is built on ideas.

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Steel Engineering and Construction - 3

Rüdiger Schidzig Managing Director, Steel Engineering and Construction Armin Edbauer Divisional Head, Steel-framed Building Construction Anita Jokiel Divisional Head, Production Willibald Scherer Operations Manager, Production Technology Steel Design Awards 2001 European Bridge Design Award 2008 Dutch National Steel Prize 2012 (from top to bottom) For the company’s Department of Engineering and Bridge Construction we also manufacture such useful constructions as moving equipment, mobile cornace slab carriages, temporary bridges and pipe bridge portal cranes. But also for the area of above...

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Steel Engineering and Construction - 4

The sculptural Museum bridges with their separate pedestrian way and cycle track connect Bozen‘s significant architecture harmoniously with the opposite bank of the Talfer. Steel Promising material Steel is not only a material of a great industrial past, it is also very promising in the future. In Germany as well as in other countries, architects and engineers have returned to design and build filigree structures which are more spectacular and more innovative than before. They make steel structures an important element of their re­ resentative and often p visionary project designs. Owing to...

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Steel Engineering and Construction - 5

Supporting structure at Stuttgart airport BayArena, Leverkusen Steel in its fascinating symbiosis of size and slender elegance: the CargoLifter shipyard hall in Brand near Berlin (today: Tropical Islands).

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Steel Engineering and Construction - 6

With the help of a 3-D-surface model – like in the example of the project IJssel Bridge – every stage of the work can be completely planned on the model. Thought out right down the line Consultation and planning As a service for the building cont ­ ractor, Max Bögl Steel and Plant Engineering, with their own engineering and manufacturing capacities, take charge of buildings and structures of any size up to the whole turnkey project at the Neumarkt building site. To this end the in-house technical office is in a position to do the entire engineering planning service including shop planning,...

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Steel Engineering and Construction - 7

Special transports – as for the bridge components of the Regensburg Nibelung bridge shown in this picture – require perfect logistics advance planning. Transport and assembly A company owned modern efficient fleet of vehicle enables the Max Bögl Group to transport steel structures up to 160 tons and up to single lengths of 46 m to the place of destination on schedule over large distances. Due to increasing demands on the logistics and environmental protection, steel components and structures are increasingly carried also by water and railway. Owing to smooth production sequences and perfect...

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Steel Engineering and Construction - 8

Precise processing of the boiler supports for the power plant Neurath at the new high speed moving column, milling and drilling centre at the Neumarkt location State-of-the-art machines and perfect work flows ensure high accuracy and manufacturing quality of the steel components and structures.

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Steel Engineering and Construction - 9

Production The company‘s own steel construction manufacturing shop at the Neumarkt headquarters is equipped with high-quality plants for sawing and drilling, cutting and welding, a throughput blast cleaning and coating machine, welding robot, two mill-drill centres with a processing area of up to 30 x 7 m, as well as a blast cleaning and coating hall for well-proven coating methods for corrosion proofing and fire protection. From cutting to assembling and preservation, owing to perfect operations scheduling in connection with optimized planning and production processes, the Max Bögl Group...

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Steel Engineering and Construction - 10

Geometric measurement with the help of a laser tracker Project management Quality management At Max Bögl’s, self-supervision and quality assurance always rank first. In addition to the QM certificate according to DIN EN ISO 9001, the steel building and plant building sector requires also the large weldability proof to EN 1090 (DIN of 18800 T7), extended to components subject to dy-namic stress according to DS 804. Specialized welding engineers with European and internatio­ al licences are n employed to meet these high quality requirements. • n-house qualified and certiI fied personnel...

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Steel Engineering and Construction - 11

The validity of the certificates shown is regularly renewed by the competent licensing authorities. Project- and quality management 11

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Steel Engineering and Construction - 12

Building construction One of the largest mobile cranes of Europe was used for the assembly of the single steel structure supports and -bars, with up to 145 tons individually. Industrial construction and plant building Power Plant Neurath Two new power station blocks with each 1,100 MW gross output is anticipated to be put into operation from 2011 at one of the most modern and efficient lignite-fired power plant of the world, located in Grevenbroich-Neurath. The construction of the 166 m high boiler frame was challenging in its manufacture, transport and assembly of highly precise structural...

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Steel Engineering and Construction - 13

The middle, cylindrical part of the enormous hall consists of five trussed steel arches, spanned freely across 225 m. The Cargo Lifter shipyard hall in Brand The production and mainte­ nance hall for the CargoLifters, the biggest airship ever for heavy transports up to a net load of 160 tons, was finished at the end of the year 2000. It is situated in the centre of an area of 500 ha southeast of Berlin. Technical highlights of the world’s largest cantilevered hall are the steel trussed arches with a span of 225 m and the shell structure of the two steel gates, which consist of eight...

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Steel Engineering and Construction - 14

Perfect structural steel engineering: Visible load-bearing structures at the German museum of technology in Berlin. Hall 7 A is regarded a new highlight of the Nuremberg exhibition site infrastructure. Hall 7 A, The Nuremberg exhibition site The Nuernberg Messe exhibition site has made the Franconian metropolis one of the most im­ ortant trade fair cities in all p Germany. Beside the Service Partner-Center, Hall 12 and the Frankenhalle, the new building of hall 7 A, too, was adapted to multifunctional exhibition uses. The 120 ton triangular pipe trusses structure made of bonded laminated...

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