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Quality Standard - 1

Quality Standard Progress is built on ideas.

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Quality Standard - 3

Founded by Max Bögl in 1929, the Max Bögl Group, headquartered in Neumarkt, Germany, can look back on a successful company history of more than 80 years. With annual sales of Euro 1.6 billion and about 6,000 qualified employees, Max Bögl not only ranks among the top 5 of the biggest German construction companies – today, continued by the third generation, the Max Bögl Group is also Germany’s biggest privately-owned construction company. The competence in building construction goes along with modern equipment and a vehicle fleet, substantial raw materials and service sectors as well as a...

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Quality Standard - 4

Philosophy and Corporate Principles Corporate Principles With our Corporate Philosophy we present you our understanding of our company • rimary objective of our acP regarding society, our co-worktions is always the long-term ers and our partners. economic performance of the Group. We put the company as a whole is in the focus of all our • n the collaboration withI activities. In our opining the in the Group, the foremost concentration on the project rule is fairness and cooperbusiness is a forward-looking ation, with employees who, issue to meet the constantly in an open and fair manner,...

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Quality Standard - 5

• We have no strict compa ny organisational structure, but concentrate on projectbased business. This is the only way we can remain flexible enough to meet increasing and changing demands. • To realise objectives, the Group relies on long-term collaboration, with reliable and competent partners. • The continuous improvement of the environment-related performance of our enterprise is an obligatory objective. To achieve the set environmental efficiency targets, we provide the required manpower, technical and financial resources. • Basis of our actions are the statutory and local authority...

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Quality Standard - 6

Manual on the Max Bögl Quality Standard 1. General Information on the Max Bögl Quality Standard System Check (System Monitoring) Management Assessment Constant Improvement of the Max Bögl Quality Standard 2. oint Resources of the J Max Bögl Quality Standard Human Resources Development by Qualification and Increasing the Competence Subcontractor and Supplier Management Communication Management 3. The Pillars of the Max Bögl Quality Standard 3.1 Quality Management 3.1.1 Planning 3.1.2 Infrastructure 3.1.3 Identification of Requirements 3.1.4 Check – Analysis – Optimization – Monitoring 3.1.5...

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Quality Standard - 7

3.3 Work Safety Management 3.3.1 Planning 3.3.2 Infrastructure 3.3.3 Identification of Requirements 3.3.4 Check – Analysis – Optimization – Monitoring 3.3.5 Verification Management: Records / Documentation 3.4 Value Management 3.4.1 Planning 3.4.2 Infrastructure 3.4.3 Identification of Requirements 3.4.4 Check – Analysis – Optimization – Monitoring 3.4.5 Verification Management: Records / Documentation 3.5 Environmental Management 3.5.1 Planning 3.5.2 Infrastructure 3.5.3 Determination of Requirements 3.5.4 Check – Analysis – Optimization – Monitoring 3.5.5 Verification Management:...

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Quality Standard - 8

1. eneral Information on the G Max Bögl Quality Standard The Max Bögl Quality Stan­ ard d is integrated management system we have developed in order to implement our strategy, which is to be leading in quality. The Max Bögl Quality Standard is internationally certified in the following partial management systems: • Quality Management • Quality Assurance • Work Safety Management • Value Management • Environmental Management The individual partial management systems are consistently applied in the certified company divisions. In addition to this, we use further partial management systems,...

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Quality Standard - 9

Management Assessment The Company Council is informed by the senior representatives at regular intervals about the activities in the seven partial management systems. It intervenes in a guiding and correcting way if such activities contravene the corporate philosophy and principles (values). The assessment serves to show fields of action to enhance the practical suitability and adequacy of the Max Bögl quality standards. It also serves to disclose and punish contraventions of partial management systems, particularly the Value Management. During the executives convention, objectives for...

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Quality Standard - 10

2. oint Resources of the J Max Bögl Quality Standard Human Resources Development by Qualification and Increasing the Competence In the entire processing of projects, we prefer to use our own personnel. Our continually rising quality level and the technical progress require the further education of our workforce through training and special qualification measures. This maintains and controls the high qualitative standard we set ourselves. Through the direct contact with the co-workers, the executives are in a position to assess their state of know­edge l and to document it in the course of...

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Quality Standard - 11

The quality level defined by us is contractually agreed with subcontractors and suppliers. Product-specific certificates are called from the suppliers, to be able to check and evidence the state of the art and the statutory regulations. Suppliers and subcontractors are assessed, categorised and listed in a database. Assessment criteria result from the seven partial management systems. The assessment is based above all on the experiences of our project teams with the respective companies. The quality capability of the subcontractors is checked with audits, as appropriate, before they are...

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Quality Standard - 12

IT Security and Data Protection Environmental Management Value Management Quality Assurance Work Safety Management Quality Management Risk Management 3. he Pillars of the T Max Bögl Quality Standard Quality Standard

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Quality Standard - 13

Our quality standard is constructed as an integrated Management System, which is made up of seven indepen­ dent, equal and established partial management systems. All partial systems together form the mainstays for the overall system. The complex challenges of our time and the ongoing endeavour to improve the satisfaction of our customers, but also to exercise societal responsibilities, prompt us to apply the individual partial systems in an interdisciplinary way, combining them in one system. As customer you will benefit from the originating synergetic effect in particular. We are...

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