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Prefabricated parts for infrastructure Progess is built on ideas.

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Quality Reliability Shortest construction periods Problem solutions Security Highest complexity Highest demand on precision All services from a single source

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Klaus-Jürgen Malcher In these times of modern means of communication, people can be connected to one another via data lines within milliseconds. We talk to each other across thousands of miles, as if we were face to face. Even if IT technology seems to allow us to become increasingly fast moving, it is still the basic necessities of life, such as housing, food, drink and clothing, which apply to us all. It is even more important that all these things can be brought to us quickly and reliably. Whether it be on roads, in tunnels or in utilities – we need to combine speed with durability and...

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Prefabricated parts for infrastructure - 4

Production of VFT beams for the Laudenbach bridge Production, transport and assembly The expansion and construction of the infrastructure network represents a key challenge nowadays and is one of the most important tasks of our time. The complexity of these huge projects often requires more than just the cohesion of our various divisions and departments. In order to be well prepared for the many challenges of the future, prefabricated part construction using concrete compo- Ship transport of prefabricated concrete components for Bauhaus Norway nents for intelligent construction is combined...

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Use of special HGVs for the transport of the FF Bögl system to the installation of the new rail line between Ebensfeld and Erfurt Production of noise barriers serve as reliable partners for our customers throughout the realisation of their projects. Multifunctional manufacturing plants with the latest CAD and CAM control systems assist us in the planning and manufacturing of even the largest components – all precisely tailored to your needs. For the transportation of extremely heavy prefabricated concrete parts, we have at our disposal our own powerful fleet of over 300 heavy goods...

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Prefabricated parts for infrastructure - 6

Leipzig/Halle Airport rolling bridge Creative bridge construction using pre-stressed concrete beams and VFT beams Frankfurt am Main rolling bridge

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Prefabricated parts for infrastructure - 7

Wild-bridge Völkermarkt made from UHPC, Austria Bridge over the Lech, Schongau Our group of companies demonstrates its long-standing expertise in the most prestigious discipline of modern engineering with its more than 1,000 completed bridge structures. In particular, bridge construction using prefabricated parts allows for short construction times, high cost efficiency and low traffic impact. Regardless of whether the group of companies is realising demanding large bridges or building smaller passages: in addition to standard construction methods, Max Bögl opts to use innovative composite...

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Prefabricated parts for infrastructure - 8

Noise barrier BAB A3 at Frickenhofen Noise barrier B 92, Weida district Installation of noise barrier B 92, Weida district Noise barriers /  concrete guide walls The increasing mobility of our society today requires forwardlooking solutions. The reduction of acoustic emissions in road and rail network is one of these. Our group of companies counters these complex requirements on acoustics, construction, cost and design with a patented system: the Bögl noise barrier system. In addition to the numerous optical variations available, their long service lives and Noise barrier BAB A3 at...

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Prefabricated parts for infrastructure - 9

Highly absorbent noise barrier B 92, Weida district Noise barriers BAB A9, Munich-Fröttmaning Concrete guide walls – economic, safe, sound Against the background of the extension and construction of our infrastructure network, the requirements for protective devices on roads are diverse. Our concrete guide walls are equally suitable for use on hightraffic motorways and for the protection of construction sites on main or regional roads. The modern concrete guide walls provide a high level of security, are characterised by low maintenance and repair costs and are easy to replace if damaged....

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Prefabricated parts for infrastructure - 10

Shifted slab track of the FF Bögl system from north view, VDE 8.1 new rail line from Ebensfeld to Erfurt Precision in all speed ranges BSB – Concrete Sleeper Bögl: Production in Sengenthal With trend-setting development and the construction of innovative routes for different transport systems, our group of companies has been making an important contribution to the mobility of our society for nearly two decades. We are proud to say today that we are able to offer a complete product range in all speed ranges, which takes into account all of the boundary BÜB – Level Crossing Bögl conditions of...

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Prefabricated parts for infrastructure - 11

Use of the FFB – Slab Track Bögl in the Katzenberg Tunnel, completed trafficable surface in the field of mass-spring systems (MFS) Manufactured under production conditions certified in our prefabricated parts plants, we install our prefabricated concrete parts, which are precisely machined by means of computer-controlled grinding machines. Max Bögl‘s advanced technology enables the realisation of pioneering rail track systems in an extremely short construction period with the highest positional accuracy and quality. On the basis of the Slab Track Bögl system, the CargoBeamer model track...

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Large pipes, Berlin Brandenburg Airport adidas media channel, Herzogenaurach Sustainable supply and disposal A well-developed infrastructure is the heart of a modern society. The functioning, environmentally friendly and resource-saving supply of the population and of industry with water, energy, heat and process media ensures our prosperity – and therefore also represents a task of the highest priority for future generations. Through the development and optimisation of existing systems and the use of the latest technologies, we ensure that the expansion and renovation of existing sewer,...

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Slotted gutters in the RichardStrauss-Tunnel, Munich Large pipes for sewer renovation in Landsberger Straße, Munich Pressure testing of two large pipes adidas media channel, Herzogenaurach With the manufacture of highquality large pipes, shafts, channels and slotted gutters, our prefabricated plants have a finger on the pulse of the latest trends in both standard products and special solutions. The entire production process is monitored using the latest test- ing equipment, from the arrival of the raw materials to the finished parts. In conjunction with careful planning, existing technical...

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