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Max Bögl Hybrid Tower System Progress is built on ideas.

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Clean energy rooted in your region.

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Stefan Bögl Member of the Board Max Bögl Wind AG Energy has been the key ele­ ment in our standard of living for over six decades. Without its permanent application we would not be able to maintain our position as an industrial nation. The careful and sus­ tain­ ble use of this energy will a be our society’s key task in the future. The goal of the German feder­ al government is to increase the proportion of electricity created from renewable en­ ergy sources from 25 percent today to 40–45 percent by the year 2025, and in so doing replace the use of conventi­ onal power stations. Only in...

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Value added for the region The German federal govern­ ment has taken the decision to discontinue the use of nuclear energy. Ever since then, the ‘energy revolution’ has been the phrase that is used to describe the newly aligned energy policy in Germany. By 2025, the proportion of elec­ tricity created from renewable sources should increase from the current 25 percent to reach 40–45 percent. The 55–60 per­ cent mark should be reached by the year 2035. The Renew­ able Energy Act (ErneuerbareEnergien-Gesetz / EEG) speci­ fies the priority that is being given to the feed-in of energy from...

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Modern, high performance wind power systems, as shown here at Winnberg in the district of Neumarkt, supply citizens with clean and safe energy. the project phases and the pro­ ject participants may present risks that can only be managed effectively with a professional form of project management. In this area, Max Bögl is able to support you as a competent, reliable and high performing partner – whether it regards the selection of possible loca­ tions or checking the technical and commercial feasibility of existing project ideas. Once the decision to construct a wind farm has been taken, we...

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Wind power systems with high hub heights and large rotors enable a high electricity yield. Making full use of the wind potential One of the most important economic goals of the wind farm operator is ‘to earn’ as much energy from the wind as possible. A high electrici­ ty yield, especially in inland locations where wind speeds are often lower, is best achiev­ ed with wind power systems that combine considerable hub heights with large rotors. On the one hand, this is becau­ se at the atmospheric strata closer to the ground, the wind speed increases with height, and on the other hand, be­...

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Greater energy output over 20 years with an increase in hub height 5.000.000 € 4.500.000 € 4.000.000 € Location 1 / System 1 Location 1 / System 2 Location 2 / System 1 Location 2 / System 2 Source: Max Bögl Wind AG The Max Bögl Hybrid Tower System Max Bögl is one of the lead­ ing producers of fabricated products in Germany. In close co-operation with its in-house steel and plant engineering and research and development divisions, it was in 2010 that the company group first built a hybrid wind turbine in a combined pre-stressed concrete and steel construction for what was then one of the...

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The pre-cast concrete components for the hybrid towers are shipped from the production site near the coast in Osterrönfeld in Schleswig-Holstein via the Kiel canal for the installation of wind power systems in North Germany and Scandinavia. Concrete tower production The drive and motivation for the development of the Hybrid Tower structures for wind energy systems resulted from the considerable expertise of the Max Bögl Group in the construction and manufactur­ ing of high-precision concrete components. The concrete rings, each of which is 3.8 m in height and 30 cm thick, are produced in...

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exact dimensions on their up­ per and underside using a CNC grinding machine. In a second work sequence, a specially coloured coating system is then applied to the vertical exteri­ or surfaces of the ring. In this way, during the subsequent construction of the tower, the finished rings can be simply placed on top of each other in ‚dry joins‘ without mortar or a smoothing layer. The factory production also guarantees the consistently high quality of the compo­ nents through defined climatic conditions and quality-related monitoring throughout the full production process. The possi­ ble...

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The steel tower assembly stations are designed for 200 steel segments per year. Steel tower production and interior fitting In order to offer complete solutions for developers and customers in one place, Max Bögl has offered the produc­ tion of steel segments along­ side the production of con­ crete segments since 2012 and, since April 2014, has offered interior fitting for towers. This begins at the headquarters in Sengenthal with the new construction of Hall 17, a modern production site for the logistics and assembly of wind turbine tower interior fittings. In the new hall, the steel...

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Specially developed telescopic beam for the lifting of heavy platform components including storage, will also be integrated into the new build in a timely fashion. To support manual assembly operations, the hall has a telescopic beam, developed in-house, for lifting the platform components into the steel tower. A modern, com­ pressed air driven manipulator is used as a lifting device for the assembly of the lattice tower. The assembly stations are designed for 200 Max Bögl interior fitting systems. The aim is to fit out 200 steel segments annually in the new hall. Storage of the steel...

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The latest carrier vehicles for the transportation of wind towers for the trickiest terrain and road surface conditions

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The transport of the up to 62 tonne concrete components is completed by the company vehicle fleet, and also to an increasing degree via ship on the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal. Logistics and transport All construction site logistics and the secure transporta­ tion of the concrete and steel segments are provided by the company‘s transport and equipment department. Thanks to the company‘s vehicle fleet of more than 300 vehicles, the components can be flexibly, independently and economically transported, on schedule, to where they will be assembled, even over long distances. Due to increa­ sing...

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