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Managing Directors Johann Braun (left) and Gerhard Hupfer The global structural change has long since also affected the construction industry. These days, modern construction work - from planning and execution to warranty release - means more complex measures, more refined techniques, ever short-er deadlines for the execution and thus ever more tougher conditions. And the Max Bgl Group with its Building Construction division has certainly not been spared. While in the past, build䭭ing construction was rather restricted to preliminary building works and thus to concrete, reinforced concrete...

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Building construction brochure - 5

Functionality in a noble shell: Siemens production building in Stuttgart-Weilimdorf (right) and the transparent factory in Dresden (above) ... not only a matter of aesthetics Beautiful architecture is geared to the needs of man; its proportions are harmonic and consisͭtent. Individualized sets of forms and high-quality materials play a dominant role. Besides aesthetics, the demands placed upon the construction, function-ality and profitability of today's building construction projects are ever increasing. Owing to a high degree of organisation and coordination, the Max Bgl Group is able to...

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Building construction brochure - 6

Today's spirit of the age re-quires multifunctional spaces for shopping and events. The visitor expects various possi-bilities for leisure activities and shopping under one roof. Besides unusual architecture, unusual materials and detailed solutions create an impressive flair and invite people to stay. Be it a shopping centre, a furni-ture store or a multiplex cinema: all these buildings have in common the complexity of their technology, organisation and realisation. The numerous speͭcial requests of the shop tenants pose a further challenge and require a high amount of coordination...

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Building construction brochure - 7

Most various designs and dcoration styles, together with the typical honeycomb structure of the aluminum faade, give a sculptural total appearance of the Center-Gallery Dresden. The following projects were completed in high quality, in due time and to the utter satis駭faction of our principals: City-Galerie Augsburg Principal: ECE Hamburg Օ Kornmarkt-Center Bautzen Principal: ECE Hamburg Shopping centre Am Borsigturm Berlin Principal: RSE Օ Sterncenter Sindelfingen Principal: Metrogruppe FORUM Wetzlar Principal: ECE Hamburg Օ Utopolis Coburg Principal: Burgtheater Coburg IKEA...

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Building construction brochure - 8

The division of calculation structural engineering works under considration of all relevant planning parameters. Given the fact that these large projects were realised in accordance with functional specifications and the corre-sponding plans, the high tech-nical competence required of the calculation department as early as the tendering stage is quite obvious. It was necessary to identify all the interfaces between the numerous different trades, to take into account all the conditions of the planning and building permission and the various expert opinions in full, to keep the...

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Building construction brochure - 11

Since the construction of the Arena in Delphi and the Colos-seum in Rome, stadiums have been built in the Occident for 2000 years. In bygone days they served the self-experience and management of the masses. In contrast to that, today's modern stadium is a place geared towards a football ritual. It is, at the same time, a studio for the mass media and commerce. Built above all for world events like the Olympics or world championships, these arenas are expected to bring profit to the respective region also when the big event is over, and both in social and financial terms....

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Building construction brochure - 12

The RheinEnergieStadion the new landmark of Cologne, next to the cathedral and the arch over the Arena - was being rebuilt into a modern football arena for more than 50,000 spectators during the football season. The days in which the site superviser, on the day ef ground-breaking, received a complete set of plans ready to be execut-ed and then simply had to get down to start the construction in accordance with such plans are over. Nowadays, the pro-cess between planning and execution has become much shorter and the use of complex planning-control software can make the task easier. On the...

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Building construction brochure - 13

The RheinEnergieStadion in Cologne, which is the home stadium of 1. FC Kln and also one of the twelve officiai stadi-ums for the Football World Cup 2006 in Germany, shows how the visions of the competition are being turned into reality in the course of cooperative planning. Further outstanding examples of sports complexes built under the successful management of the Max Bgl Group are: 䴕 Commerzbank-Arena, Frankfurt on the Main: Venue of the FIFA World Championship 2006 and the FIFA Women's World Championship 2011, Home of the football team Eintracht Frankfurt (player in the First Federal...

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Building construction brochure - 14

The production and distribution of goods form the backbone of our national economy. Main-taining it on the most modern level of technological development is the basis of a continuing prosperity and further develͭopment of society. This poses demanding and also changing challenges to the construction industry. The processes of procurement, processing and further distribution of pre-, semi-finished and finished products as well as of merchandise are becom-ing separated from each other, which leads to the construction of specialised warehouses and transhipment centres in addiͭtion to the...

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Building construction brochure - 15

Supplies 320 stores all over Germany: the Plus logistics centre in Kerpen Planning, construction and transfer to the user of all constructions for industry and logis-tics is characterised by: ͕ ever shorter development periods due to the postpon-ing of decisions on investment and a minimised construction time financing ו need for intensified coordination of interlocking technical and organisational processes ͕ changing requirements dur-ing the time of construction because of a client's wishes or technological progress application of industrially standardised construction methods, using the...

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Building construction brochure - 16

Shorter construction times, high quality, profitability and prcision characterise modern system building construction Regardless of whether the possible series. The top goal Max Bgl Group builds only the is and always will be our cus-shell of a house or works on the tomers' satisfaction with our project in an integrated man-ner from planning to turnkey construction and commissioning, the full service portfolio for the construction project is bun-dled through a project team of experts supported by numerous specialised departments. Factories for pre-cast units, one of the core competences of...

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