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BÜB Level Crossing Bögl Progress is built on ideas.

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Production of prefabricated slabs at the Sengenthal location

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BÜB – Level Crossing Bögl

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Surface design as well as processing of the rail channel by means of a computer-controlled grinding machine

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The high degree of prefabrication of the slab enables short installation times. The latest product of the Bögl system family for slab tracks is the prefabricated concrete slab for level crossings with impressed rail. The Max Bögl Group delivers a slab track to the site which can be immediately used without any additional covering, such as melted asphalt. In combination with the inserted rail, the trackway can be made available in a very short time both for railed and wheeled vehicles. The joint between the slabs is sealed off by a flexible groove profile. Shearforce transmission bet­ ween...

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Easy installation of the rails by inserting them into the concrete channel Embedded into a prefabricated casing made of polyurethane, the rail is flexibly anchored in the concrete channel of the prefabricated slab.

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Good noise reduction, long service life and low maintenance costs are the key advantages of the Level Crossing Bögl. Due to the extremely high degree of prefabrication, the Level Crossing Bögl offers an extremely short installation time. In combination with top quality, it is thus best suitable for reconstruction measures in inner-city tramway network. Also with regard to noise and vibration protection, the impressed rail shows very good characteristics in terms of noise reduction. The static and dynamic test at the Technical University confirms the suitability for the loading capacity of...

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Postal address: P. O. Box 11 20 D-92301 Neumarkt, Germany Phone +49 9181 909-0 Fax +49 9181 905061 info@max-boegl.com www.max-boegl.com die-jaeger.de böne102140 09/14 . Photo credits: Max Bögl Group (p. 4, 6, 7); Reinhard Mederer (title, p. 2, 3, 5, 6) Max-Bögl-Strasse 1 D-92369 Sengenthal, Germany

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