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ABB – Architectural Concrete Bögl Progress is built on ideas.

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Max Bögl Shareholder, Architect As a construction material, concrete has seen unbelievable development over its thousand-year history. The 19th century pioneers of concrete construction certainly had no idea of the revolution they would trigger by reinforcing cement mortar with iron mesh, thus creating the precursor to modern day reinforced concrete. Contemporary everyday construction would be inconceivable without the use of concrete. It is so far the only major construction material that can be formed into any shape and allows us architects to individually design the sculptural appearance...

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The pilot project “NeuerMarkt Urban Quarter” in Neumarkt, Upper Palatinate, will début the delicate façade elements of Architectural Concrete Bögl ABB – Architectural Concrete Bögl Revolution in concrete façade engineering BKRZ, Frankfurt a. Main ALEXA shopping centre, Berlin Stuttgart City Library As one of the leading precast element manufacturers with seven precast element production plants, Max Bögl has illustrated its superior quality and visionary architecture in façade construction with precast concrete elements for more than 40 years. In addition to the experience and creativity of...

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Digital design planning using the ABB pilot project “NeuerMarkt” as an example. Building Information Modeling (BIM) Synergies generated by digital process chains ALEXA shopping centre, Berlin Messehalle 11, Frankfurt a. Main NeuerMarkt Urban Quarter, Neumarkt The key to achieving the highest quality specification at competitive prices is the formation of a highly automated digital process chain. Since 2002 Max Bögl has been successfully optimising its business and production process via digital, integrated project management with the aim of manufacturing individual products of outstanding...

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4. Generation of production data From vision to implementation Consistent project development in 3D The service portfolio of Max Bögl in building construction ranges from the manufacture of high-quality precast concrete elements to the turnkey construction of entire building projects. Within this spectrum our Group possesses many years of experience in the manufacturing and construction of sophisticated reinforced steel façades. Consistent investment in research and development allows us to open up new and technologically demanding business sectors – including the manufacture of track...

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The advantages at a glance: • High-precision processing of functional precast concrete elements • BIM-based processing of complex tasks • Parameterised design tools • Digitalised process chains based on parameterised 3D models • Our high-performance concrete offers you: - Large span widths - Low pollution potential - elicate precast concrete D elements with functional properties - Corrosion-resistant elements - e-workable edge R geometry The universal application of model-based construction (BIM) offers exceptional added value for developers, planners and executors, not just within the...

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Max-Bögl-Strasse 1 D-92369 Sengenthal, Germany Postal address: P. O. Box 11 20 D-92301 Neumarkt, Germany BOESEX03014 10/15 . Photo credits: Benjamin Beytekin (p. 2, 4); Bögl Gierer Architekten, 3dkad – Architekturvisualisierung (p. 6); Hans-Christoph Brinkschmidt (title, p. 4, 5); Max Bögl Group (title, p. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7); Martin Starl (title, p. 4, 5)

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