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Al Maktoum International Airport Progress is built on ideas.

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The Al Maktoum International Airport, previously known as Jebel Ali International Airport, is a major airport currently un­ der construction in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Located a mere 40 km from the existing Dubai International Airport, it is planned to have 16 cargo terminals and a total of six 4,500 m parallel runways upon completion. The large runways, each separated by a minimum distance of 800 m, will allow parallel and simul­ taneous use without wake influences. When fully built (the comple­ tion is scheduled for 2030) it is expected to have an annual passenger...

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Dubai is excellently situated, so that from Al Maktoum International Airport the latest long-haul planes can reach almost any airport anywhere in this world nonstop. struction phase 1 the Max Bögl Group was awarded the con­ tract to construct several air­ port buildings: The Air Traffic Control Tower, the Cargo Ter­ minal Building and the Passen­ ger Terminal Building. peratures of up to 50°C made construction work difficult. In order to be able to work with concrete during the hot sum­ mer months, with morning and night temperatures of approx. 35°C, crushed ice had to be mixed into the...

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Standing 91m tall, the Air Traffic Control Tower is the tallest freestanding such tower anywhere in the Middle East. Part of the ATCT is a 6,000 m² large area featuring offices, technical facilities, flight simulators and a meteor observation station. Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) The new Air Traffic Control Tower is considered the archi­ tectural highlight and key con­ struction. The tower with a height of 91 m consists mainly of a 70 m high concrete shaft with a 21 m high steel and glass construction on top. In­ side the concrete shaft there are service pipes and two high­ speed lifts....

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Transhipment point for more than 12m t of cargo p.a.: the new Cargo Terminal Building. Cargo Terminal Building The two­storey cargo terminal building is the first building of Dubai Logistics City (DLC). It is planned to have an annual car­ go volume of up to 12 million tons in the future. This terminal hall has a size of 300 x 110 m and is made of steel and rein­ forced concrete. The Cargo­ Handling, Cooling and Spe­ cial Storage area is located on an area of 34,000 m2 on the ground floor. On the upper floor, with an area of 7,000 m2, there are recreation and chang­ ing rooms as well as a...

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For up to seven million passengers p.a.: a number of shops in the new terminal is to provide the passengers with a very special shopping experience as well. Passenger Terminal Building Another key building of the Al Maktoum International Air­ port is the new Passenger Ter­ minal with an annual passenger capacity of 5 to 7 million. The first Passenger Terminal Build­ ing of construction phase 1 is a two­storey building with three wings, each 195 m long and 100 m wide and which amount to a gross storey area of approx­ imately 80,000 m2. The depar­ ture and arrival halls as well as the main...

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Technical data: Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT): Reconstruction space including adjoining buildings: Gross storey area including adjoining buildings: Construction time: Construction sum: approx. 10,000 m2 02/07 to 03/09 approx. 143 million AED (approx. 28.6 million EUR) Cargo Terminal Building: Reconstruction space: Gross storey area: Construction time: Construction sum: approx. 410,000 m3 approx. 34,000 m2 10/06 to 08/08 approx. 280 million AED (approx. 56 million EUR) Passenger Terminal Building: Reconstruction space: Gross storey area: Construction time: Construction sum: approx....

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