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OFFICE SUPPLIES 2021/2022 - 1

» VISIT US ON OFML product data. You will also find details on our 3D data on Always up to date. In the download area you will always find the latest catalogues and advertising material. All details at once. With the 360° function you can look at many products from all sides. Jakob Maul GmbH Jakob-Maul-Straße 17 D-64732 Bad König-Zell carbon neutral | DE-140-823659 print production Misprints and technical changes reserved.

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OFFICE SUPPLIES 2021/2022 - 2

FURTHER CATALOGUES Tidiness is half the battle! Our innovative organisational tools help you manage your daily workload. We increase the performance of the individual products with our own development and production teams and continuously expand our range. This helps users to save time and is also rather ingenious in other respects: The product range contains many unique items in terms of their function, design and quality, as evidenced by numerous patents and utility models. And since the atmosphere should Leuchten. Arbeitsplatz Tomorrow’s world of work 100-103 technische Änderungen we...

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OFFICE SUPPLIES 2021/2022 - 3

»WHY WE THINK SUSTAINABLY We have the privilege of living and working in a place surrounded by nature. For over a hundred years, we have been based in the Odenwald and Westerwald. Consequently, we are well aware of what we owe ourselves, our families, society and our partners. For us, appreciation of nature and respect for human beings is the key to responsible trading. As a fourth-generation family business, we treat things with care and conduct our operations on a sustainable basis. We view the entire product life cycle as a selfevident maxim. When you buy a MAUL product, you can rest...

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OFFICE SUPPLIES 2021/2022 - 4

»WHY WE KNOW OUR TRADE For generations, we have been manufacturing products in Bad with a keen eye for detail. production and electronics work with great care and precision on every single component. As we select the materials and develop the products ourselves, we can guarantee top quality and high-end design. Our intelligent testing processes ensure that all MAUL products conform with high safety standards and are of a consistently high quality.

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OFFICE SUPPLIES 2021/2022 - 5

MAUL is an international brand-name company with production tive products made from plastic and metal are manufactured here. produce a multitude of creative new products. As a result, we are able to add exciting new products to our product range year after year. This innovative capability is evident from our numerous utility models and patents. The skills of the 190-strong MAUL workforce combined with our enthusiasm for progress and our high-tech in-house production facility are what makes us so good at what we do. We act quickly our work. Our focus is not on short-term solutions, but on...

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OFFICE SUPPLIES 2021/2022 - 6

»THE FEELGOOD FACTOR “COLOUR” What do you think is the importance of colours in the world of work? true in the workplace. Whether you are working from home or in KATJA PIEROTH, A QUALIFIED TEXTILE DESIGNER AND SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT AT MAUL, ON THE NEW TREND COLOURS enormously. Products and accessories in accent colours help to create a more personal atmosphere in which I feel comfortable. Tell us something about the new MAUL colours. Which is your favourite colour and why? Touch of Rose is my favourite shade. I really like this warm and feminine shade of pink. This has nothing kitschy or...

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OFFICE SUPPLIES 2021/2022 - 7

»THE NEW MAUL COLLECTION MADE OF RECYCLED PLASTIC We all need a sustainable and liveable society for the long term. That is why we consciously focus on sustainability in everything we do at MAUL. This is certainly the case with our new greener@work collection, for example. It focuses on recycling used materials as a way of creating new raw materials and conserving natural resources. For further information, go to and take a look at our Sustainability Brochure. This is the start of our new MAUL greener@work collection: round boxes, staple and mauly all. The new products in the...

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OFFICE SUPPLIES 2021/2022 - 8

»EUROPE'S LARGEST SELECTION need help choosing from our wide range of materials, require information on a clamp’s system, one thing is for certain: this is our area of expertise. Choose from more than 90 models and 30 product lines.

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OFFICE SUPPLIES 2021/2022 - 9

»OFFICE SUPPLIES »OFFICE SUPPLIES CLIPBOARDS AND CLIPBOARD FOLDERS CLIPBOARDS AND CLIPBOARD FOLDERS Clipboard series 231 MAULpro, plastic Clipboard MAULgo recycling The original from MAUL. A true classic, distinctive design and functionality Non slipping: red, rubber-like retainer bar holds the paper in place Made in Germany, 3 years guarantee Strong: large plastic clip over the full width with strong stainless steel spring (except for 2318202) • Comprehensive: a wide choice of formats • Proven quality • • • • • • Sturdy: made of shock-proof plastic material Rubber retainer bar over the...

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OFFICE SUPPLIES 2021/2022 - 10

»OFFICE SUPPLIES »OFFICE SUPPLIES CLIPBOARDS AND CLIPBOARD FOLDERS CLIPBOARDS AND CLIPBOARD FOLDERS Clipboard MAULneon, transparent, easy-grip clip Clipboard with calculator, plastic • The plastic clipboard for price-conscious people • Colourful: a choice of five luminous colours • Grip friendly: easy-grip clip with protecting plastic corners • Clever: integrated solar powered calculator • To collect and calculate dimensions or quantities, to determine invoice amounts or to solve a problem at school • Ideal for construction sites, for craftsmen, at school, in warehouses or for inventory •...

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OFFICE SUPPLIES 2021/2022 - 11

»OFFICE SUPPLIES »OFFICE SUPPLIES CLIPBOARDS AND CLIPBOARD FOLDERS CLIPBOARDS AND CLIPBOARD FOLDERS Clipboard MAULoutdoor, easy-grip clip Clipboard, aluminium, with paper stop Nearly indestructible: strong board made of double layer flexible special plastic material Designed by MAUL: developed and constructed in our national plant Double use: front side also suitable to cut on the board Insensitive to cutting marks, suitable for intense use Powerful: flat easy-grip clip Convenient: can be hung up, retractable hook Clip opening approx. 0,8 cm Board thickness 0,3 cm Can be recycled Noble:...

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