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product guide The Mathys® range of wood preservative products offers superior protection and maximum durability for all your wood projects. With its superior and distinctive features, Mathys® gives you the beauty and protection that you look for in wood preservative products. The benefits of wood Wood is natural, warm and authentic. It is decorative and stylish. It is a precious and resistant material. INSULATION Wood is a natural insulator: it keeps heat in and cold out. ENVIRONMENT Wood is natural and renewable, biodegradable and recyclable. Wood supports without breaking or buckling...

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Identify the type of wood Different types of wood RESINOUS / CONIFEROUS • These wood types are so called because they contain resin. • Most are conifers. • It is the most commonly used wood, both inside and outside. Species : spruce, fir, pine, cedar, etc. Use : interior and exterior for flooring, panelling, doors, wall and ceiling cladding, wall cladding, frames, garden sheds, DECIDUOUS • A heavy, hard type of wood with good mechanical resistance and in some cases resistant to biological attack. Species : oak, chestnut, beech, ash, walnut, wild cherry, etc. Use : interior and exterior for...

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Aggressive environmental effects Wood should be protected against all aggressive effects. Because the damage to untreated wood starts IMMEDIATELY and is visible FOR ALL TIME. The day that a wood project is installed is the day that problems can begin. Morning mist, rain, melting ice and snow are quickly absorbed by untreated wood. This makes the wood softer and makes it swell. Direct exposure to the sun causes it to dry out again and then the wood shrinks. Continuous cycles of wet, dry, swelling and shrinking make the wood warp, burst and crack. This leads to premature wood deterioration...

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Choose the right product Wood stains / Varnish - Opaque stains - Lacquer Durable protection and decoration for your wood project: that is our goal. Our product guide shows you how to adapt your choice to the surface to be treated, the desired durability and aesthetic finish of your project. WOOD STAINS - VARNISH Transparent products retain the natural appearance of wood (the structure, colour, markings, etc.). The final result is effected by the type of wood being treated, the colour and the number of layers. The more transparent the colour, the less the wood is protected from environmental...

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STAINS 11-13 transparEnt STAINS 14 vARNISHES 16-17 LAQUERS 18 OPAQUE STAINS 20-21 all systems at a glance 22 MISCELLANEOUS TRANSPARENT WOOD FINISH Fassitek Fassitek is a solvent based stain with a base of special alkyd resins. These stains are very effective in impregnating wood and protecting many types of wood from weathering and UV rays. Fassitek can be applied to both new and previously treated wood. These stains are easy to use, transparent, light-stable and really do justice to the wood grain, resulting in wood that stays looking beautiful and natural for a long time. There is no need...

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Fassitek Thixo is an easy to apply thixotropic stain. This Fassitek version has all the protective and cosmetic qualities of the classic Fassitek, but is slightly thicker in texture. This means that a thicker coating of the product can be applied and makes it more convenient to use, especially for overhead work. Fassitek Thixo is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can be applied directly to already stained wood. The product does not form a film, yet, just like the classic Fassitek, it provides complete protection against UV light and weathering. It also allows the wood to breathe....

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Fassitek UV Wood Primer is a colourless primer that visibly delays the signs of UV damage. FEATURES • For use underneath Fassitek, Fassitek Thixo or Fassithane. • This primer is applied in one or two layers under the chosen stain or varnish. • This UV Wood primer is an invisible protective layer that reduces damage from UV rays and prolongs the life of stains and varnishes • For an optimum result 2 layers are recommended The Fassithane range comprises three transparent wood varnishes of different gloss levels: Gloss, Satin and Matt. Fassithane Gloss, Satin and Matt are solvent based...

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OPAQUE WOOD FINISH A quality product for a quality job. Fassilux lacquers are solvent based paints with a basis of soya alkyd resins, for use indoors and out. Highly weather resistant and damp regulating. For many years, Fassilux has been a leading quality lacquer highly valued by the professional painter. Fassilux Aqua XPE The best of both worlds. Fassilux Aqua XPE is a water based, scratch and wear resistant quality lacquer for all indoor and outdoor applications. Fassilux Aqua XPE, based on a polyurethane / alkyd emulsion is as easy to use as a solvent based enamel paint but has the...

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OPAQUE STAINS OPAQUE WOOD FINISH Fassitek Aqua Opaque Fassitek Aqua Opaque is a high quality, eggshell finish, water based opaque stain for exterior wood, based on 100 % pure acrylic resins. This opaque outdoor stain is suitable for all wood types, already stained or untreated. Fassitek Aqua Opaque adheres well to the base with no need for a primer. Use this fine wood paint on windows, doors, walls, gates, garden sheds and more. Fassitek Aqua Opaque provides a durable, opaque protection that allows the wood structure and grain to shine through. An ecologically sound, environmentally...

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Standard colours Fassilux Gloss Fassilux Satin Fassilux Aqua XPE Matt Fassilux Aqua XPE Gloss Fassilux Aqua XPE Satin Pegacryl Satin Opaque stains Fassitek Aqua Opaque Transparent Stains Fassitek UV Wood Primer Fassitek Thixo Fassithane Gloss Fassithane Satin Fassithane Matt Primer Adex Paint stripper Rapid Super Plus Transparent wood finish Opaque wood finish Parquet Varnish Phenolic resins *** Exotic woods Filling capacity Features Product Wood Type legend Appearance M = Matt, S-M = Semi-Matt, S = Satin, G = Gloss except on wood with antioxidant efflorescence ( ex. iroko ) except on wood...

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