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The reference in façade protection QUALITY RELIABILITY GUARANTEE

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Murfill® - 2

Minor causes, major consequences The façade is the business card of any home or building. But a façade is subject to numerous external and internal influences: the sun, wind, damp, building deficiencies… the possible consequences are often immense: cracks rising damp concrete reinforcement that rusts plastering coming loose moss fungi algae … Years of experience translates into know-how For over three decades Mathys has developed effective and contemporary solutions for protection, renovation and decoration of façades. Through its know-how and unequalled quality Murfill has stood distinct...

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Murfill® - 3

Murfill systems: Well thought out solutions for all external walls Enduring protection and embellishment An enduring protection and regular maintenance if vitally important for your façade. Mathys offers three world class products for new construction, renovation or maintenance of residences. Murfill Quartz Effective and multipurpose An elastic, crack bridging and waterproof façade coating with fine quartz structure. Extremely suited to camouflaging damage, renovations and small surface unevenness. Murfill Quartz is ready to use and simple to apply and offers very attractive results....

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Murfill® - 4

The right treatment for every façade Murfill Waterproofing Coating (WP) Murfill Quartz Murfill Renovation Paint Cleaning and pretreatment Old, previously painted façades in good condition Brush off well and apply directly Chalky mineral façades A waterproof and renovated façade is one thing, but the eye also wants something! For that reason Mathys launched the Colorist colour concept. Using the Colorist colour range the paint distributor, architect, decoration company or painter can create colour combinations quickly and easily that perfectly integrate the façade within its surroundings....

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Murfill® - 5

“Waterproof” guarantee You are guaranteed a permanent attractive result with Murfill products. Mathys offers you diverse guarantee systems: Murfill Waterproofing Coating 10 year product guarantee or 10 year insured guarantee with Euracor-certificate Murfill Renovation Paint 5 + 5* years of maintenance guarantee * To be able to claim on this guarantee, you must call in the assistance of a technical advisor from Mathys. For more information about the conditions of our guarantee do not hesitate to contact your paint wholesaler or the technical and commercial services at Mathys The guarantee...

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