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Quality Paints Bines 1B4G

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^ ■ Quality Paints since 1B4E MATHYS Quality paints for exterior and interior protection and decoration, since 1845 Decorative Paints & Coatings Mathys® is one of Europe's foremost professional trade paint brands, with a comprehensive collection of high-performance paints and coatings for the protection, renovation and decoration of walls, ceilings, roofs and floors. At the forefront of paint technology, Mathys® provides the very best in product quality and performance. Working hand in hand with customers and R&D teams throughout Europe ensures that all products meet the needs of...

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Range of decorative paints CONTENT Our new product catalog is an overview of the entire assortment of decorative products. Not all listed items are available in all countries. WOOD EXTERIOR WALLS INTERIOR WALLS VARIOUS / KITTEN THE RIGHT PRODUCT FOR EVERY SURFACE! Modern, effective solutions for the protection, renovation and decoration of façades, interior and exterior walls, wood, floors and roofs. Inside, outside, or Inside & outside Ecolabel Directive Grenelle (France) Indoor emissions. In addition to the European VOC directive, the French legislation on the reduction of indoor air...

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INTERIOR WALLS & CEILINGS ELASTOPRO 14 RAPID® SUPER PLUS 16 Mathys® has long been offering a complete range of professional interior paints, adapted to every type of application or substrate. The perfect finish for beautiful results Whether you're after a contemporary, stylishly classical or sleek modern interior, Mathys® always has the right products available. Professional products that ensure a perfect finish for all interior walls and ceilings. The combination of good substrate preparation and the right finish always ensures the best results! Mathys® works for better health and a better...

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PREPARATION The preparation depends on the type and condition of the substrate. A thorough analysis is thus important for correct treatment of the walls and ceilings. WORK! You get the nicest finish through proper pre-treatment of the substrate. It is important for damaged, irregular substrates to be cleaned and repaired, or for highly porous walls and ceilings to be coated with the appropriate primers. Only then should the finishing coat be applied. Step 1 : Preparation Step 2 : Choosing the right product UNTREATED WALLS AND CEILINGS • Free the plasterwork of dust (by dusting or brushing)....

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LEGEND Appearance M = Matt, S-M = Semi-Matt, S = Satin, G = Gloss Water based product (W) Solvent based product (S) European Ecolabel With adapted primer Tintable MATHYS Destination

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Product W/S Appearance Specific features

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SURFACE PREPARATION MUR-FILLER Elastic joint filler with quartz • High filling power • Filler for reparation of active and non-active cracks, can be used interior and exterior • Elastic 310 ml PLASTOPAN LATEX Extra white putty filler • Very elastic and flexible • Easy to apply • Easy to sand ELASTOPRO Elastic acrylic sealant of professional painter's quality • Sealing and finishing of joints and cracks • Quick recoatable • For inside & outside use • Excellent adhesion PEGAFLEX® Leveling filler • High flexibility and elasticity - can be sanded easily • Excellent adhesion on all sound...

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MULTI CLEANER Universal cleaning agent and degreaser • Degreasing of surfaces - Non smelling - Non-foaming • Inside and outside use • Makes surfaces antistatic before painting • Biologically degradable, user-friendly RAPID® SUPER PLUS High viscosity green paint stripper • Without methylene chloride • Very active and effective stripping effect • Very suitable for all kind of paints (water and solvent based) • Also suitable as glue remover ELASTOFILL® Acrylic sealant for interior use • Forms a rubberlike mass with permanently high elasticity (> 900%) after evaporation of the water • Alkali...

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FIXING & ISOLATING INTERIOR WALLS & CEILINGS PEGAFIX UNIVERSAL Colourless impregnating primer • High fixing capacity • Applicable on porous or chalking substrates EXTERIOR WALLS PORISOL® Pore-filler • Impregnating and isolating agent • Fixing • Nearly odorless CACHEMIRE SABLE PRIMER Impregnating primer based on acrylic dispersions Bonding layer for Cachemire Sable on powdery or porous surfaces Prevents absorption of paints on porous substrates Good covering power Odourless PARACEM® DECO PRIMER Absorption neutralizing and good covering primer CACHEMIRE BETON PRIMER Reinforces the surface and...

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PARACEM® DECO NATURE PRIMER Waterborne impregnation primer • • • • Ecolabel Fixation primer reinforces the adhesion For nearly all surfaces Finish with products of Paracem® Deco Nature assortment TECHNICAL AND PRODUCT-RELATED ADVICE PEGAPRIM® XPRESS Stain-blocking and fast-drying universal adhesion primer • • • • Good filling and hiding power Sticks to all surfaces without sanding Recoatable with most water and solvent borne decorative paints Quick drying, 1 hour recoat time Each Mathys® product has its own specific properties. You can count on our excellent team of technical consultants...

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WALLS & CEILINGS PARACEM® DECO PLAFOND Super covering and extra matt acrylic ceiling paint • Uniform matt finish, no tendency to overlap • Exceptional high covering power (covers mostly in 1 layer) • Delayed drying - enables to paint large surfaces • Applicable on most mineral substrates MATHYS PARACEM® DECO MATT High-quality matt interior wall paint • Applicable on most substrates (plaster, bricks, concrete, etc.) • Excellent flow • High covering power - No tendency to overlap • Good mechanical resistance against rubbing PARACEM® DECO SEMI-MATT High-quality semi-matt interior wall paint •...

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Washable matt interior wall paint Latex paint for interior and exterior INTERIOR WALLS & CEILINGS PARACEM® DECO ULTRA CLEAN MATT Excellent cleanability Excellent mechanical resistance against rubbing Smooth matt aspect No tendency to overlap Smooth and completely splash-free roller application Uniform matt finish without turning - high whiteness degree Covers in 2 coats on porous and non porous substrates Odourless +20° PARACEM® DECO NATURE SEMI-MATT • • • • PEGAMAT® AQUA ISOLE • Ideal for ceilings • Isolates stains from nicotine, smoke, old damp and sooth stains • Tension free film - non...

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