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product guide legend Mathys® has long been offering a complete range of professional interior paints, adapted to every type of application or substrate. Interior wall paints that meet all requirements regarding degrees of gloss, opacity, colour and ease of application. The perfect finish for beautiful results Whether you’re after a contemporary, stylishly classical or sleek modern interior, Mathys® always has the right products available. Professional products that ensure a perfect finish for all interior walls and ceilings. The combination of good substrate preparation and the right finish...

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Environment & Health By choosing Corporate Social Responsibility, you choose a harmonious combination of the 3 P’s: People, Planet and Profit. This helps business activities to contribute to a sustainable society. This also involves choosing products and services with the lowest possible negative impact on people, the environment and society, in short approved by nature. This is an attitude that goes further than just following the rules and laws. It often results in an organization that is more innovative and efficient, with a pleasant work culture where there is room for respect and...

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STeP 1 Preparation The preparation depends on the type and condition of the substrate. A thorough analysis is thus important for correct treatment of the walls and ceilings. UNTREATED WALLS AND CEILINGS • Free the plasterwork of dust (by dusting or brushing). CEMENT WORK AND CONCRETE • Remove any nitrates and apply a primer coat. We advise against using water because water causes powdering of the substrate. If powdering or nitrates are still present, the surface needs to be fixed with a fixative. • Get rid of crevices and imperfections by using a filler, and seal small cracks and joints. •...

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adhesion & isolation primers Fixator Fixes and reinforces the substrate Quick-drying Flexible Pegafix Universal Paracem® Deco Primer 8-10m2/L • Strengthens the substrate and reduces porosity • Neutralises differences in absorption • Covers really well • Prevents different degrees of gloss in the final coat • Primer to be used in combination with products from the Paracem® Deco range Pegaprim Isofix Isolating and quick-drying universal bonding primer Good filling and opacity Tightly adhering paint film Flexible Pegacrete repair Products Mathys® has a wide range of excellent primers and...

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DECORATIVE paint Paracem® Deco The Paracem® Deco range is a complete selection of high-quality acrylic paints for all your interior walls and ceilings. Available in various degrees of gloss and in all colours: matte (Paracem® Deco Matt), satin gloss (Paracem® Deco Satin) and satin matte (Paracem® Deco Semi-Matt). The range is completed with ceiling paint (Paracem® Deco Plafond) and a washable matte renovation paint (Paracem® Deco Premium Mat). Paracem® Deco Plafond FEATURES • High-quality decorative finish for interior walls and ceilings Paracem® Deco Premium Mat • Suitable for most...

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DECORATIVE paint Paracem® Deco Nature The Paracem® Deco Nature paint selection is the best alternative for anyone who cares about his own welfare and that of others. These interior wall and ceiling paints are registered with the prestigious European Ecolabel®* mark of quality. In this range we have three types of gloss: Matt - Satin - Semi-Matt *not all basic paints are uniformly Ecolabel® approved as yet, the Ecolabel does not apply when colourants are added. The best paint for you and for nature • Water-based acrylic paint • Optimal opacity • Quick-drying • Easy to use • Odourless •...

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DECORATIVE paint Cachemire® Discover the intense beauty of our cashmere-feel Cachemire® colour range. Feel the texture of our designer paints. Cachemire® paints are of the highest quality and, through their designer aspect, bestow an unparalleled richness on all 120 Cachemire® colours. Cachemire® Cashmere is available in 120 colours and six different appearances. Cachemire® Sable Cachemire® Beton • Extra matte acrylic paint • Conceals imperfections and eliminates reflection • Durable • Perfectly opaque • Radiates extra softness • Outstanding quality Cachemire® Laque Mate • High-quality...

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DECORATIVE paint Is your substrate rough and textured? In that case, the water-based interior paints of the Garnissants range offer the solution for you. Les Garnissants are exceptional products because of their outstanding filling power and opacity. Using these products, you can apply a thicker coat and get rid of imperfections or repairs. Les Garnissants are available in matte (GarniDeco Mat), satin sheen (GarniDeco Satin), satin matte (GarniDeco Soft) and siloxane matte (GarniSil) versions. FEATURES • Optimal result in 2 coats • Excellent filling capacity For finishing interior woodwork...

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Impregnating primer for use with Cachemire® Sable Fixes and reinforces the substrate Paracem® Deco Nature Primer Impregnating primer Paracem® Deco Primer Neutralises differences in the substrate Paracem® Effects Primer Impregnating primer Impregnating primer for porous substrates Pegaprim Isofix Isolates stains and masks odours, fast drying Pegaprim Xpress Universal isolating and bonding primer, fast drying Pore filler Acrylic sealant for interior and exterior use Acrylic sealant for interior use, fast drying Cachemire® Beton Decorative plaster for the creation of a concrete look Cachemire®...

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IMAGINE TM More than 1,200 contemporary and traditional colours for interior and exterior use. A colour collection based on and inspired by real life, where colour is really used and doesn’t emerge from the pallet of a designer or a colour computer. In addition, 180 RAL colours have been added to these. ImagineTM is a colour collection that inspires and influences... colorist 297 colours, 33 colour groups. Colorist groups approximately 33 natural basic colours, each with three secondary and five detail colours. • The basic colours are the colours of natural materials. • The three secondary...

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