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Durable protection and beautifying mate: IMAGINE Over 1.200 colours including contemporary, • loose plastering • rising damp • rusting concrete reinforcement Product Guide as well as traditional areas of colour. For interior and exterior use. A colour collection inspired and drawn from real life colour, where colour is really used and not from a designers’ palette or from a colour computer. Besides that, we also offer a selection of 180 RAL colours. Imagine is a colour collection which can inspire and influence… Durable protection and regular maintenance of your facade are of vital importance in preventing problems. Mathys therefore offers an extensive range of paints and coatings that protect and beautify your facade. FACADE A selection of more than 400 colours, Years of experience translated into expertise especially designed for the exterior wall range For more than four decades, Mathys has been developing effective, contemporary solutions for protecting, re- from Mathys. The colours are applicable in both novating and decorating facades. Mathys distinguishes itself through its expertise and unparalleled quality and traditional and contemporary architecture. has evolved worldwide into the first port of call for facade protection and decoration. A perfect tool that helps to harmonize façade colours with the surroundings. Not only the protective factor but also the aesthetic aspect is of not inconsiderable importance in maintaining or renovating your facade. Without colour, our lives would be dull and grey. Colour gives a facade its own character, adds style and aids recognition. In addition to a variety of gloss grades and textures, Mathys also offers a wide range of colours. Quality Reliability Guarantee Facade paint system external influences: sun, wind, moisture, construction faults... The possible consequences are often hard to esti- Facade protection imagine - facade The facade is the public face of a home or other building. But a facade is subjected to numerous internal and Our facade paint systems are grouped into the following ranges: Murfill Waterproofing Coating (WP), Murfill Renovation Paint (RP), Paracem and ParaSil. This product guide provides an introduction to our various systems and their gloss grades, textures and applications. For more technical information, please refer to our Facade Paint Systems technical overview brochure, the Product Datasheets or the various product brochures. Paracem Unparalleled durability for all exterior walls Fine-coating acrylate dispersion paints, specially developed for exterior walls. Available in various gloss grades and innumerable colours. New facades are given a highly attractive appearance and weathered exterior walls look like new again. Murfill Waterproofing Coating (Murfill Waterproof Coating, Murfill WP Plus, Murfill Quartz) Proven quality for waterproofing all facades Elastic, crack-bridging and waterproof wall cladding. The microporous structure allows the base to continue breathing. Ready to use and easy to apply to any facade. The strong coating power and elasticity of Murfill Waterproofing Coating safeguards your facade against ageing, damage and moisture penetration. In short, facade protection with watertight guarantees. Murfill Renovation Paint (Murfill Renovation Paint, Murfill RP Siloxan) A decorative touch for renovating and beautifying facades A fine, matt, permanently elastic renovation paint. Murfill Renovation paints give a decorative touch to the facades of newly-built and renovated projects. Permanently repairing and preventing hairline cracks, even with a minimum coating thickness. And the matt look masks any unevenness. Paracem Siloxan – ParaSil The best of two technologies Siloxane paints are among the latest cladding systems. They offer tremendous advantages, both for an initial treatment of your facade and for renovation or cleaning up. Siloxane paints combine the outstanding features of mineral cladding with those of organic paints. They are downpour proof and microporous, with a selfcleaning pearling effect. info.nl@ro-m.com www.ro-m.com Rust-Oleum UK Ltd. Unit 6, Spitfire Close Coventry Business Park Coventry, CV5 6UR United Kingdom T: +44 (0) 2476 717 329 F: +44 (0) 2476 718 930 info.uk@ro-m.com www.ro-m.com info.fr@ro-m.com www.ro-m.com info.be@ro-m.com www.ro-m.com Mathys. Your partner for protecting and beautifying new and renovated facades. For an optimal, durable solution. Guaranteed.

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Paracem Siloxan Paracem Semi-Gloss Paracem Quartz Murfill Renovation Paint elastic waterproofsystems elastic systems filling systems fine-coating systems Murfill Waterproofing Coating Murfill Quartz

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