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Your Cachemire® dealer : The colour card and Cachemire® samples folder guide you in determining your choice. The individual samples are real paint samples that give you a realistic picture of all 120 Cachemire® colours. The quality and colour trueness of the Cachemire® colours can only be guaranteed when the authentic Mathys®’ Cachemire paints are used. Discover the Cachemire® colours at your local Mathys® Cachemire® dealer. You will be informed about the collection during a special presentation that shows how the colours look in various lighting co

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Mathys® could not have chosen a better name for its new Anyone even vaguely familiar with fashion knows what cashmere is. This fine, soft wool from the undercoat of Himadesigner paint line. Cachemire® is a range of 120 colours conceals imperfections and absorbs layan mountain goats was brought to Europe hasthesubtle shine that adds designer paints. can be diluted with water and is a high by a British in and 3 an amazing reflections. It is No one coats perfectly dimension to a quality enamel paint with a subtle and the 17th Century. durable, loved cashmere more than Empress room. It is...

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The Cachemire® colour card allows you the space to create your own brilliant compositions. The colours are even more vibrant and create more ambience when they are combined. Will you choose colours from the same colour group or go for a bolder combination of one or more contrast colours? Whatever you choose to do, the result will always be stunning. For more inspiration, go to your Cachemire® dealer and ask for our sample book. C025 - cachemire blanc antique A008 - gris calcaire A011 - noir de noir The Cachemire range was expertly put together by experienced colour specialists. Always on a...

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Imitation concrete for a pure and modern effect conceals imperfections and absorbs reflections. It is durable, coats perfectly and has an incomparable beauty. An intense matt gives your rooms a soft and gentle feel. has a subtle shine that adds an amazing dimension to a room. It is washable, coats perfectly and very high quality. A satin finish lends a chic look to a room. can be diluted with water and is a high quality enamel paint with a subtle and surprising matt finish. The final touch to give your home that extra dimension. It isn’t only the colour of the paint that determines the mood...

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C025 - cachemire blanc antique A010 - cachemire gris galet A012 - cachemire gris tonnerre

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