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PRODUCT DATA DESCRIPTION Solvent based impregnating product containing phenolic resins. MAIN PROPERTIES Reinforces the wood structure - improves the adhesion of the paint or varnish system that is applied on the wood. RECOMMENDED USES Impregnation of new exterior wood that is not of first quality or bare exterior wood that is damaged in some way. TECHNICAL DATA Appearance: Colour: Density: Solids Content: Recommended film thickness: VOC-content: Ready-for-use mixture: Category: EU Limit values: Drying times To touch: To handle: To recoat: Full hardness: Coverage Theoretical: Practical: Glossy, after saturation of the wood (gloss 60°:  90%) Transparent (almost colourless) 0,85 - 0,87 g/cm³ In volume:  28% In weight:  35% Wet film: 100 micron (cons.: 10 m²/l) Dry film: 28 micron (cons.: 10 m²/l) 555 g/l max. 555 g/l max. A/h 750 g/l (2007) / 750 g/l (2010) 20°C/50% r.h. 2½ hours 3 hours 24 hours ± 1 week  10 m²/l Practical coverage depends on many factors such as porosity and roughness of the substrate and material losses during application. SURFACE PREPARATION Remove old traces of paint or varnish either by scraping or thermal or chemical removal (Rapid Super). The wood must be dry sanded, degreased and made dust free, if necessary, followed by a coat of Adex. On some very damaged porous wood parts a second coat may be necessary. DIRECTION FOR USE To ensure homogeneity, coating materials should be thoroughly stirred prior to use. APPLICATION & THINNING All types. If necessary dilute with white spirit. Brush: Roller: Air-atomised spray: Airless spray: Page: 1 / 2 - Ver. 02 PDS Adex-gb Uitgave: 01-02-10 The information contained herein is given in good faith. However, since application conditions are beyond our control, N.V. Martin Mathys S.A. cannot assume responsibility for any risks or liabilities which may result from the use of these products. The company reserves the right to modify data without

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RUST-OLEUM MATHYS best solutions in paints & coatings Roosendaal, Tiie Netherlands Unit S. Spitfire Close Coventry Business Park United Kingdom Husl-Oioum Mathys Italia a.r.l.

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