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Accessoires départ Danse LIGHT ALUMINIUM To fix or to embed to the wall. (Delivered without plugs neither bolts). 1m60 maximum space between each consoles. Colour natural aluminium. S1026 - Support for 1 bar. Unit. S1028 - Support for two bars. Per unit. DANCE BARS S1025 - natural ash. Bars of 1m60 S1025V - polyurethane varnished ash. Bars of 1m60 GROUND CONSOLES Delivered without plugs neither bolts. Fixed height, white polyester powder. Steel. Mobile on a heavy base. To use when fixation to the wall is not possible. Height adjustment from 0m90 to 1m40 by telescope uprights. White polyester powder base. Uprights coated with zinc. Per unit. S1029S - For 2 bars. 1m05 and 0m85 height. Per unit. To fix wall mirrors on line. Polyurethane varnished fir (delivered without plugs neither bolts). By the meter. CAUTION : manufactured on measure. When ordering precise dimensions of the line of mirrors. ALIMINIUM SLIDE Made of aluminium without painting To be fixed on the wall (Assembly kit not included) To fix to the wall. 6mm thickness. Polished border and safety film. Dimensions : 1m80 x 0m80. Per unit. S1206 - LOWER SLIDE Length 6m00 NOTCHES OPTION Notch for mirrors S1200 to fix consoles through out the mirrors CAUTION : consoles MUST be installed in between 2 mirrors or on the extremity of the line. S1201 - For 2 bars ref S1028 – unit S1202 - For 1 bar ref S1026 – unit NOTCH CARD To hide spaces in between notches and consoles. Made of aluminium in 2 parts, TO GLUE. Unit S1203 - For 2 bars ref S1028 – unit S1204 - For 1 bar ref S1026 – unit MIRROR GLUE S1225 Glue cartridge to fix mirror. Even for wooden frame. Allows 1 cartridge for 4 mirrors. S1205 - UPPER SLIDE Length 6m00 This is to be made when the wall is not perfectly flat; then direct hanging is not possible. This wood support set is composed of brackets to hand on the wall, and of 18mm plywood veneering. (Does not include nuts and bolts to fasten on the wall) For a minimum of 3 mirrors. M² IMPORTANT Mirrors must be fixed on walls perfectly flat. If the wall is not then you can either level the surface or choose option WOOD SUPPORT S1230. PACKING FOR MIRRORS S1210 For shipment from 1 to 10 mirrors Made of plywood. Per unit Thick adhesive to be placed in the junction of mirrors to compensate thickness of aluminium slides.

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