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Strengthener Angle plate Ring Net Bolt TH M16 x 50 Washer M16L Screw-nut M16 Bolt TH M10 x 40 Washer M10L Screw-nut M10 Bolt TH M8 x 50 Bolt TF M8 x 40 Washerasher Ø8L Screw-nut M8 Do not hang onto the product, do not swing, or climb. Do not use in different purposes than its appropriate use. Do no use if not fixed. Do not use if not autorised. Must be fixed for storage or make it unusable. MAINTAINANCE : - Check solderings. - Check thightennings. - Check the general condition and every 2 or 3 years make a test as per the standard EN 1270. 1m20 from the game line Finished ground Concrete massif at 350 kg/m³ Details of pieces DESIGNATION Steel frame Steel stem Polyester backboard 1m80 x 1m05 Outdoor competition Basketball goal to embed

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B3040 - 2

Outdoor competition Basketball goal to embed Embed the post into the concrete Concrete work

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Outdoor competition Basketball goal to embed

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B3040 - 4

E-mail : g.bessat@scms-e.com Site Internet; www.scnis-e.com Objet: Attestation de controle a ia norme NK liN 1270, et au D&ret n° 96-495 du 4 juin 1996 / But de Basket-ball Ref B 3040 dans gaine ATTESTATION DE CONTROLE BUT DE BASKET-BALL ref B 3040 selon norme NF EN 1270 / Decret 96-495 (extension au Decret selon Avis HOR/ ECO C9800163V Avis SCMS Europe TYPE / CLASS E (deport) : - Platine de cercle pergages selon fiq 10 3-3-2 :. Gerole - type d'acier (attestation jointe) : Favorable 3-4-3 : Filet adaptables : Favorable 4-2 ;■- Cercle repris sur armature / pas de protuberance sous panneau...

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