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lighten your load Technical Advisory Service Specifiers require prompt, knowledgeable and Fixing specifications: Bespoke fixing detailed responses to a vast range of enquiries specifications can be provided, taking into covering everything from the embodied energy account location, dimensions and degree of of a typical roof tile, to the different ventilation exposure for individual buildings. options available. Estimating the quantities: Calculation of Our Technical Advisory Service is staffed by a materials required for any roofing project qualified team with specialist knowledge not including tiles, battens, underlay, ancillary only of all Marley Eternit products, but also crucially, how those systems integrate with other roofing components and comply with Building Regulations, Health and Safety, environmental and other critical roofing criteria. In addition to general technical enquiries, the We also have on-line tools which can help create fixing specs or with estimating quanities. contact services available from the Technical Advisory Service include: Sample Services Sales Support Samples of all our roofing and cladding Our Area Sales Managers have in depth products are available on request. knowledge of your local area and local building types. They are available to visit your site to carry out a roof survey, and to offer specific solutions for both new build and refurb projects. contact Integrated PV roofing systems Customer Services Literature: All current product and technical lit- Marley Eternit is committed to providing erature can be downloaded from: outstanding customer care and is staffed by experienced personnel. Services include: Training Centre: We have a purpose-built training centre where we are able to impart Stockist information: To find details for our expertise through a range of practical stockists of Marley Eternit products, visit: Advice and ordering information contact For further information Tel 01283 722588 Fax 01283 722219 E-Mail Marley Eternit Limited, Lichfield Road, Branston, Burton on Trent DE14 3HD

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The UK has the highest proportion of solar-suitable roofs in Europe, but one of the lowest take-ups. Solesia gives the specifier the potential to incorporate PV in roofs seamlessly without compromise to design or performance. For over 100 years, Marley Eternit has been providing innovative pitched roong solutions for residential and commercial buildings and the company is committed to developing sustainable construction methods. Solar power is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, with continuous developments leading to solar cells that are ever-more efcient and economical. The...

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How does a Solesia PV System work? The electricity is DC (Direct Current). An inverter converts it to AC (Alternating Current, to match mains electricity) so that it can be used normally. Daylight hits the PV tile and is converted to clean electricity. There are no moving parts, so this happens silently. This illustration diagrammatically represents the production of electricity from light using Solesia PV systems. All electrical connections and meters are contained within the building envelope. The Solesia PV roofing system is connected to the mains via a fuse box, for safety. The PV roof...

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How can solar energy work for you? Why install a PV system? What are feed-in tariffs? Code for Sustainable Homes Solar radiation is a non-polluting energy source, increasingly recognised as a major renewable technology for the future. The Feed-in Tariff Scheme (FITs) is a new environmental programme introduced by the government to promote wide spread take-up of renewable electricity generation technology, such as PV. The Code is a mandatory national standard for the sustainable design and construction of new homes. It adopts a one to six Code Level rating and currently, new homes in the...

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Solesia with Modern/Duo Modern Integrated PV roof systems Ventilation slots at the top and bottom for maximum cooling for Modern and Domino tiles Seamless integration with Marley Eternit Modern tiles Solesia PV modules are fully functional, integrated parts of the roof and provide the following advantages: Solesia electrical data • Seamless match with Domino clay interlocking and Modern/Duo Modern concrete interlocking tiles Screw fixings allow easy replacement of Solesia panels, even after installation Mono-crystalline silicon Cell dimensions Modern dimensional and coverage data Output...

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Design detailing Modern tile Domino tile Solesia ® Solar panel Solesia ® Solar panel Modern/Duo Modern NBS clause 860 – Photovoltaic Modules Domino NBS clause 860 – Photovoltaic Modules • Manufacturer – Marley Eternit Ltd • Manufacturer – Marley Eternit Ltd • Product Reference – Solesia Modern/Duo Modern Fully Integrated PV module • Product Reference – Solesia Domino Fully Integrated PV module • Size – 1822mm x 473mm x 30mm • Output – 90Wp • Colour – Blue/Grey • Colour – Blue/Grey Fixing Fixing On the underside of each bottom course of modules, slide and lock the fixing clips supplied into...

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System components and installation The system is completely modular to meet the requirements of any roofing application, whether new or refurbishment. Solesia PV system components Solesia is available in standard pack consisting of four basic components, or as module and cable packs in quantities shown in the table below. These are specific to Marley Eternit Domino, Modern and Duo Modern tile profiles to ensure a visually seamless join between the PV modules and the surrounding roof tiles. As well as optimal aesthetics, this offers the best in weather performance and system durability....

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The tables show the range of PV module packs available for Modern and Domino; the number of PV modules per pack, and quantity per pack; the number of strings per pack; PV area (m2) and the system output (kWh), with typical C02 savings based on DEFPA recommended The calculations on expected output are based on 50% of the electricity generated being used on-site with the remaining 50% being fed back into the Grid, with the Solesia PV modules being located on a south facing roof of 30° pitch with little or no shading. Any variations to these conditions will affect the figures quoted. Solesia...

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