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Fibre cement slates - 1

Marley Eternit Lichfield Road Branston Burton upon Trent DE14 3HD MarleyEternit etev< MarleyEternit Cl/SfB | | (4-) | Rf9| | Fibre cement slatesFixing guide

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Fibre cement slates - 2

Introduction The range is as follows: Marley Eternit, a market leader in the design and manufacture of roofing products, offers high quality, durable fibre cement slates in a variety of colours, sizes and textures. Rivendale A finely detailed surface and dressed edges that together reproduce the attractive appearance of natural slate. Marley Eternit slates are manufactured from Portland cement, water, man-made and natural fibres. They are complemented by a wide range of ridges, double blanks for details at verges, hips and valleys, together with fixings and accessories for all roofing...

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Fibre cement slates - 3

Marley Eternit slates are suitable for roof pitches of 15° and above and for vertical cladding. Marley Eternit slates with a rivet and nail fixing are generally suitable for roof pitches of 20° and above and vertical cladding. Birkdale fixed with 150mm long slate hooks can be laid down to 15° and Thrutone nailed and riveted at 110mm headlap can be laid down to 15° at a maximum 4m rafter length. Table 1: Slate dimensions Size of Typical Gauge of Battens No. of Weight of slate laps battens per m2 slates slates as laid Estimating Basic information regarding the stated sizes and...

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Fibre cement slates - 4

Underlay Due to the lightweight nature of installed slates, underlay should be selected in accordance with the current BS 5534 and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Underlays draped over rafters (i.e. not fully supported) should meet the requirements of BS EN 13859-1 or BS 5534 Annex A (reinforced bitumen underlays) with appropriate third party accreditation e.g. BBA certificate. The side laps of the underlay should be a minimum of 100mm. The head laps of the underlay should be as per Table 4 below. Each end of the underlay should be securely fixed over the rafters. Table 4: Head...

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Fibre cement slates - 5

Nails, rivets, screws Slate nails: nails for fixing slates should be 2.65mm (12 swg) Marley Eternit Slates jagged copper nails, 30mm long. Batten nails: nails for fixing battens should be in accordance with BS 5534. Slate rivets: copper disc rivet, 19mm x 2mm stem, 19mm dia. x 0.5mm thick base. Screws: 60mm x 6.3mm self-sealing, nylon headed screws, longer screws may be required for different applications (screws only used with fibre cement ridges). Lead When lead is used for flashings and soakers, lead oxide carried in the water run-off is likely to stain the slates. To avoid this,...

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Fibre cement slates - 6

Setting out of battens Roofs should be set out with battens to the appropriate gauge. Select the appropriate gauge for the slate size by using the formula: gauge = length of slate - lap required 2 Allow the eaves slates to overhang into the gutter by approx. 50mm. The verge overhang should be restricted to a maximum of 50mm. Care must be taken when setting out to avoid the need for rectangular cut slates less than half the width of the slate to be used, as it may be difficult to fix. Wherever possible, use full slates or slate-and-a-half slates. A vertical or raking batten is advisable at...

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Fibre cement slates - 7

Installation procedure for laying and fixing slates 12 Fibre cement slates fixing guide Cut and nail fix second under-eaves course to the lower eaves batten with slate-and-a-half widths at the verge, ensuring a copper disc rivet is fitted centrally between adjacent slates (5mm gap) to align the pin with the hole in the front edge of the first course of full length slates. Prior to fixing the slate-and-a-half verge slate, drill a 4mm dia. hole half a slate width distance in from the verge and 25mm up, to allow for the disc rivet to fix the first full slate course above. At the verge, a...

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Fibre cement slates - 8

Nail and rivet fixing 3 nail holes (C) 2 rivet holes At verges and abutments, lay the first full length slate-anda-half slate, ensuring that 3 no. 4mm dia. holes are drilled on the batten line with 2 no. additional holes for the copper disc rivets. Disk rivet bent down to hold tail of slate against uplift Disk rivet placed during nailing of the slates To achieve the correct bend in the rivet shank, it is best to tap it twice with a hammer, once at about 45° to the pin, and then finally onto the surface of the slate. At the verge, a second hole (4mm dia.) should be drilled 50mm distance from...

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Fibre cement slates - 9

Nail and rivet fixing Hook fixing for Birkdale slates at 15° to 20° Introduction • All slates should be fixed in accordance with BS 5534 and BS 8000-6 • Slates should be laid broken bond using slate-and-a-half width slates in alternate courses formed from double width slates at verges, hips, valleys and abutments. • For full details of headlap and rafter lengths suitable for hook fixing, please refer to Table 2b on page 5. Fixing method Birkdale slates for low pitch are fixed with stainless steel hooks. 1st and 2nd eaves course, verges, trimming to verges, hips, valleys and ridge will require...

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Fibre cement slates - 10

Hook fixing for Birkdale slates at 15° to 20° Nails Installation procedure for laying and fixing slates Additional rivet hole 150mm Verge Cut to size and drill 2 no. 4mm holes 20mm in from either edge for shoulder nailing the second under-eaves course of full width slates to the bottom batten. The slate-and-ahalf widths laid at the verge require 2 additional drilled holes, 1 on the batten line for centre nailing and 1 drilled half a slate width in from verge and 25mm up, to allow for a copper disc rivet to fix the first full slate course. Set out roof with battens gauged to suit a 225mm long...

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Fibre cement slates - 11

Hook fixing for Birkdale slates at 15° to 20° Nails Additional rivet hole Tail rivets Slate hooks Nails Additional rivet hole The full size slate fitted at the verge on the course above requires 2 no. 4mm nail holes drilled on the batten line as well as 2 no. 4mm disc rivet holes to accommodate the tail rivet for the slate and half slate above. Tail rivets Continue across and up the roof with hook fixed whole slates and nail and riveted verge slates, trimming to verges, hips, valley and ridge as necessary. Slate hooks At the verge on the course above install the first full length...

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