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MEZZAMAN STOCK Custom space optimisation solutions

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MEZZAMAN STOCK Custom space optimisation solutions

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MEZZAMAN STOCK This storage platform frees up substantial space to improve the way you optimise your product storage areas. Offering quick and easy setup combined with a wide range of configurations, MEZZAMAN STOCK is ideal for industry, logistics warehouses, spare parts stores, etc.

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Pictogram legend CE certified, complies with : European regulation EU no. 305/2011, technical standards harmonised on a European level: EN1090-1 and 10902. Execution Class EXC 2. Easy to assemble mezzanine for quick setup. Easy to assemble mezzanine for quick setup. The safety rail is included with the structure. Complies with European French standards.

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MEZZAMAN STOCK This safe, robust and reliable solution with high load capacities covers a wide range of configurations to allow you to expand and optimise the smallest areas. With a modular design which is quick to assemble, the structure is scalable and accompanies your company as it develops and its dynamic needs change, whether these are permanent or temporary. MEZZAMAN STOCK also benefits from long-standing experience. It has evolved to incorporate a variety of equipment and accessories to meet your needs. Pillars, angles, cantilevers, landings, use of a pallet truck above ground...

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CompoSITION MEZZAMAN STOCK Made from robust, self-supporting steel. No drilling or welding on site. ■ Proven, high-spec mounting system ■ Main (or supporting) beams fixed to the uprights (fig. B.1) ■ Secondary beams (or joists) create the structural mesh (fig. B.2) ■ Optional adjustable beams and joists (fig. B.3) ■ Mounting on the main and secondary beams - Uprights - Beams and joists (optional adjustable beams and joists) - Floor - Handrail and staircase uprights Painted square tube of varying cross-sections depending on the project. The installation and cross-section are defined for the...

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Staircase ■ 35°, 38° or 45° angle ■ Useful width: 600, 800, 1000 or 1200 mm ■ Overall width: 760, 960, 1160 or 1360 mm ■ NF EN ISO 14122-1 to 3 and NF E 85-015 ■ Optional intermediate landing for stairs in two flights Handrail ■ Upright with plate fixed to the mezzanine floor ■ Height 1100 mm with handrail in Ø30 mm tubing ■ Baseboard height 150 mm ■ NF EN ISO 14122-1 to 3 an

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custom features Cantilever Designed to circumvent an obstacle at height, such as a fire protection system, building upright, machine, etc. with “halfbeams” up to 500 mm long. These can be used to cover a corridor or a part of the mezzanine surface with cantilevers of up to 2 metres. Biais Recommended to fit the structure of the building regardless of the angle to maximise the available surface area. Reception landing Designed and installed to receive a staircase offset from the structure or for configurations requiring a 2-flight staircase. Available options Safety gate A safe and effective...

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MEZZAMAN STOCK “The ManOrga self-supporting mezzanine has solved a number of problems. We now have more space for our containers of electrical, audio and video equipment. I had a lot of free ceiling height and, with an installed floor height of 3.50 m, I was able to double my storage surface area and place more handling trolleys under the structure. Thanks to its modularity, the technical solution provided was integrated perfectly into the building structure. It even took into account the position of the existing pillars. No additional work, extra costs or nasty surprises. Much smoother...

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Examples of other achievements Pictures : © wavebreakmedia - Halfpoint - Aleksandr Korobkov - Shutterstock / Manorga Artistic director : Servane Rotsaert

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26 rue de Toufflers, Parc d’Activités Roubaix-Est - BP 89 59390 Lys-lez-Lannoy - FRANCE Phone: +33 (0)3 20 81 82 90 Email: RCS: Roubaix 710 501 107

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