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EPSIRACK HEAVY-DUTY SHELVING Storage solutions for pallets and heavy loads epsirack hybrid

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EPSIRACK HEAVY-DUTY SHELVING Storage solutions for pallets and heavy loads epsirack hybrid

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At ManOrga, we understand that your workspace optimisation requirements are both strict and specific to your line of work. That’s why we’ve designed a comprehensive range of shelving suited to your specific activities and working environments, so your company can move onwards and upwards. In this catalogue, you’ll find everything you need for your heavy-duty storage. The EPSIRACK range was devised with ingenuity and innovation in mind. The ManOrga team invites you to browse these custom shelving solutions, designed and manufactured with a real passion for industry. Happy reading! The...

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EPSIRHCK “I’m very satisfied with the EPSIRACK pallet shelving units. Thanks to the wide range of possible combinations of frame heights and profile sections, we’ve been able to organise our stock properly, and any pallets that were blocking the way now have a spot on the newly installed racks. For pallets holding electrical equipment, I was helpfully advised to maximise the useful space between storage levels. Communication was of an excellent standard, my needs were listened to, and a detailed assessment was done of the layout, meaning the final outcome was ideal. The result? No more...

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Légende pictogram des pictogrammes legend epsirack hybrid Rayonnages à l’assemblage simple Easy-assembly shelving pour une mise en œuvre rapide. for speedy setup “At our organisation, flow management and timely order preparation are crucial. Time is often wasted looking for parts, or waiting for the forklift operator to bring the pallets to the other end of the warehouse etc. Compatible au chargement avec Suitable for loading with handling engins de manutention. equipment Sécurisation des niveaux incluse Level support included with the avec les lisses. beams The standard solutions we found...

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EPSIRRCK This shelving is recommended for storing bulky or heavy loads, on pallets or otherwise (heavy parts, pallet boxes, raw materials, barrels, etc.). Stock can be handled manually or using a handling trolley. EPSIRACK is used mainly in warehouses but is also suitable for storing items in shops.

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PRESENTATION Available for fast-track manufacture, this shelving lets you organise your product stock efficiently on pallets weighing up to 1000 kg each. Its scalable structure means you can adapt it to your specific needs. With an optimum configuration of two levels, EPSIRACK can be loaded with pallets weighing between 300 kg and 1000 kg. Provided the maximum load capacity is respected, it’s entirely possible to increase the number of levels per bay. A versatile and secure unit, EPSIRACK can be complemented with a range of additional equipment: Shelf covers, upright protector,...

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EPSIRACK VL Designed for high loads per level or per bay, EPSIRACK XL is well equipped to meet your needs thanks to its numerous pallet levels for elevated storage. Its exclusive XL marking makes it easily recognisable and distinguishable from the classic EPSIRACK. EPSIRACK XL is suitable for storing heavy pallets in logistics warehouses, shop storerooms, material stores and so on.

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PRESENTATION With its highly robust design, this shelving is an incredibly versatile storage solution. Holding 3000 kg per level (3 x 1000 kg) on three levels of beams in its optimum configuration, EPSIRACK XL is more specifically tailored to elevated heights and the resulting volumes and loads. It comes in frames of up to 8 metres in height and a broad range of sections and beam lengths, making it a scalable and optimisable option. Its wide range of accessories lets you go about your warehouse work in complete safety and with maximum peace of mind.

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RACK S PICKING STORAGE SOLUTION EPSIRHCK HYBRID Combine the convenience of picking shelving and the practicality of pallet shelving and you’ll get the EPSIRACK hybrid. Designed primarily for order preparation, it consists of medium-heavy-duty levels at the bottom, with flat trays or sloped trays for easier reach, and pallet levels for product storage at the top. It’s the perfect solution for processing areas in warehouses, logistics centres, shop storerooms, spare parts shops and so on.

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PRESENTATION The fruit of our research, this customised version combines all the advantages of our EPSIRACK range of pallet shelving with those of our exclusive EPSIVOL range of medium-heavy-duty beam shelving. With EPSIRACK HYBRID, you can keep your stock within easy reach of the trolley at all times, allowing you to reload your picking shelves in no time. The picking levels, designed for manual handling only, can be equipped with the same parts that were developed for our medium-heavy-duty EPSIVOL shelving, like dividers, shelves, sloped levels and so on; they’re simply placed in the...

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EPSIRRCK COMPOSITIONSTRUCTURE Storage system consisting of: - Frames - Beams - Optional shelves - Optional protections Robust EPSIRACK or EPSIRACK XL frames, allowing for two load and height varieties. Assembly is the same across the entire EPSIRACK range. XL version: “XL” marking up the post allows you to immediately identify the version. ■ Section profile measuring 80 x 70 mm ■ Depths: 750, 900, 1100 mm ■ Perforated every 50 mm ■ Galvanised “C” profile measuring 30 x 25 mm to be bolted ■ Galvanised sheet metal footplate measuring 160 x 112 x 4 mm with 014 mm perforations ■ The frames must...

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the beams ■ Welded connecting parts at the beam ends with seven attachment points for hooking the beam in the perforations of the frame uprights ■ Safety pins included to lock the beam in place and prevent accidental detachment ■ Beam sections: 70 x 50 x 1.5 mm 90 x 50 x 1.5 mm 110 x 50 x 1.5 mm 130 x 50 x 1.5 mm ■ Capacity of up to 1 ton per pallet (depending on configuration and type of beam) ■ Beam sections: 70 x 50 x 1.5 mm 90 x 50 x 1.5 mm 110 x 50 x 1.5 mm 130 x 50 x 1.5 mm 150 x 50 x 1.5 mm ■ Capacity of up to 1500 kg/pallet (depending on configuration and type of beam) epsirack...

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