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EPSIVOL / EPSIVOL ONE LONG-SPAN SHELVING Solutions to store bulky, semi-heavy loads up to 1,500 kg per level

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EPSIVOL / EPSIVOL ONE LONG-SPAN SHELVING Solutions to store bulky, semi-heavy loads up to 1,500 kg per level

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We have listened to you and we understand that your space optimization needs are specific to your business and your activities. In response to market feedback, we have designed a comprehensive range of shelving systems that are tailored to your uses and environments and that are scalable with the growth of your business. In this catalogue, you will find our complete range of shelving for storing bulky and semi-heavy loads. These systems have been designed to create solutions that are suitable for multiple applications and can be scaled according to your needs! Our EPSIVOL/EPSIVOL ONE...

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Epsivol/Epsivol One - 6

“Following the construction of our factory extension from scratch, I wanted to rethink the layout of our factory outlets in order to optimise the storage of our products and establish a new organisation system that would make them easy to use and operate for the warehouse workers in their everyday tasks. My specifications defined the need for a robust solution that could support semi-heavy loads of certain raw materials, was modular and long-length to accommodate various product dimensions and, last but not least, was available quickly to avoid the outlet service running at idling speed....

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Epsivol/Epsivol One - 7

“A specialist in industrial supplies and hardware, we were looking for more than just a solution! The idea was to create a collaboration to implement an overall concept for the design and layout of our sales outlets/stores that would also help to enhance our brand. The EPSIVOL range of solutions together with personalised support from our distributor allowed us to study and design the complete optimisation of our branches by combining creativity, flexibility, know-how and industrial expertise. Shelving systems that are fast and easy to assemble and start using. The aim of the concept is as...

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Epsivol/Epsivol One - 8

EPSIVOL This shelving system is particularly suitable for the manual storage of bulky products up to 1500 kg per level. With a wide range of beams, shelves and accessories, it is multifunctional and can be customised to suit various uses and environments. The load supported by the EPSIVOL shelving depends on the number of levels per bay, the cross-section of the beam and the type of shelf used. Robust and ingenious, its technical characteristics make it possible to design large-scale, multi-level installations such as, for example, mezzanine floors over shelving, two-tier systems and...

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Epsivol/Epsivol One - 9

Presentation One advantage of the EPSIVOL solution is that it comes in a wide range of sizes: frames up to 4.5 metres tall, beams up to 3 metres long, load capacity up to 1500 kg per level and 4500 kg per bay. With these technical options, you can design all sorts of configurations, from the most standard to the ultra-specific. To be as practical as possible and respond even more to the different needs of the market, EPSIVOL long-length shelving can integrate one of the many fittings available such as: dividers, mesh side panels and doors, but also hanging rails for maximum optimization of...

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Epsivol/Epsivol One - 10

EPSIVOL ONE In conjunction with the EPSIVOL solution, the Epsivol One version is designed to meet the storage requirements for bulky items of limited loads (up to 500 kg per level and 2500 kg per bay) and for heights up to 3 metres. The fruit of our research, this variant is based on a lighter frame design! Hence we are able to offer a product that is lighter to transport, handle and install. And the proof is: assembly time has been optimised from approximately -20% to -33% compared to the thicker EPSIVOL frame. With load capacities suitable for the most common requirements, EPSIVOL ONE is...

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Epsivol/Epsivol One - 11

Presentation EPSIVOL ONE is available in a range of sizes to suit the most common requirements with frames up to 3 meter tall and beams up to 2.5 meter long. With adjusted technical characteristics such as the frame thickness, which has been reduced to 1.2 mm, optimised frame bracing and galvanised finish, this version of long span shelving can be used for a variety of applications and in multiple sectors (industry, service, automotive, administration, etc.) To retain the practical and scalable side of the thicker EPSIVOL version, Epsivol One can be customized with 4 different types of...

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Epsivol/Epsivol One - 14

FRAMES ■ 2 uprights with bottle-shaped profile, cross-section 50 x 50 mm. ■ Double perforations on the front every 50 mm for hooking on beams at regular intervals and to create the starting/an extension bay from same upright. ■ Galvanised 25 x 15 mm “C” profile crossbars and diagonal braces for good distribution of loads across the floor. ■ Galvanised steel sheet footplates (details on next page). EPSIVOL COMPOSITION Structure Composition of the storage system: - Frames to be assembled or factory-assembled, - Uprights with (metal footplates), - eams with 3-point connectors welded on the B...

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Epsivol/Epsivol One - 15

EPSIVOL FRAMES ■ Uprights 1.5 mm thick. ■ Heights from 1750 to 4500 mm in increments of 250 mm. ■ Depths from 400 mm to 1200 mm. ■ Maximum load capacity per frame: 4500 kg depending on the configuration*. ■ Uprights 1.2 mm thick. ■ Heights from 1750 to 3000 mm in increments of 250 mm. ■ Depths from 400 mm to 1200 mm. ■ Maximum load capacity per frame: 2500 kg depending on the configuration*. Fig. Hook the crossbars on the inside of the uprights * Maximum even distribution load by frame assuming a deviation of 1/200th and according to FEM 10.2.06 European recommendations. Usable length =...

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Epsivol/Epsivol One - 16

BEAMS To fully optimise the configuration of the shelving according to the load and the type of products stored. 9 different types of beams (further details on next page) with the following profiles: ■ Rectangular ■ Step ■ “Z” ■ Tyre ■ Clothes hanger EPSIVOL COMPOSITION BEAMS A wide range of beam cross-sections and lengths to: - dapt the load per level according to the A different uses of the shelving, - onfigure the solutions with maximum C optimization of the installation areas. 3 connector beam to fix on the frame for safety and rigidity without fail (optional safety pins for additional...

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