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WOKS Woks WOK COOKERSCUISINES WOK Professional cookers for Asian cooking Cuisines professionnelles pour la cuisson orientale IIIIIIILjJJ..I!!!!l!l m llllllliiiiinlllllll Professional Woks - Economic Woks - Custom Projects Woks professionnels - Woks economiques - Projets personnalises

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WOKS WOKS M INHO Series Professional & Economical Serie Professionnel et Economique Professional (W) - Economical (W-ECO) Professionnels (W) - Economiques (W-ECO) - Completely made of stainless steel. - High performance atmospheric burners. - Stainless steel cooktop 18/8 with thickness of 3 mm, reinforced by internal straps. - Vertical flame burners directed to the centre of the wok, that spreads the heat over the entire surface, attaining an extreme and ideal temperature for this type of cooking. - Equipped with gas valves with safety thermocouple and pilot light. - PROFESSIONAL: - Aros...

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WOKS WOKS Options pour l’équipement O-PWRear wall of stainless steel 225 mm/height to fit the taps. O-GPW Swivel wall tap. Includes pedal that operates it. Paroi arrière en acier inoxydable de 225mm/ hauteur pour y situer les robinets Robinet mural orientable. Inclut pédale d’actionnement O-PSW Set of adjustable height support legs. Ensemble pieds de support réglables en hauteur O-DW Waste sweeping shower to the collection channel, located on the front of the bath. Douche de balayage de déchets vers le canal collecteur, située sur la partie avant de la baignoire O-QPW 12 kW burner, low...

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WOKS WOKS Make Your Quote Réalisez votre devis How much does my Wok cost? Combien vaut mon wok ? To make your own quote, we follow 3 steps: 1. Choose Wok Base. (page no. 8) Choisissez Base Wok. (page nº8) 2. Select equipment for your Wok here (right column) Wall tap to pedal O-GPW Robinet mural à pédale O-GPW Choisissez ici des équipements pour votre Wok (colonne droite) Sweeping shower O-DW-... Douche balayage O-DW-... 3. Add total amount of the base + equipment Ajoutez le total de la base + les équipements Prices equipment Prix équipements Optional equipment O-PW-... Back wall O-DW-.....

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WOKS WOKS Examples: Quotes. Exemples Devis Equipment: 1 x Wall (O-PW-4) 2 x Manual tap (O-GPWT) 1 x Sweeping shower (OR-DW-4) 2 x Burners 12 kW (O-QPW) 2 x Burners 18 kW (O-QGW) Equipment: 1 x Wall (O-PW-5) 2 x Tap wall to pedal (O-GPW) 1 x Sweeping shower (OR-DW-5) 3 x Burners 12 kW (O-QPW) 2 x Burners 18 kW (O-QGW) 1 x Support legs (OR-PSW) Equipment: 1 x Wall (O-PW-2) 1 x Tap wall l to pedal (O-GPW) 1 x Sweeping shower (OR-DW-2) 1 x Burner 12 kW (O-QPW) 1 x Burner 18 kW (O-QGW) 1 x Support table (O-MSW-2) 1 x Bucket / Sauce boat (OR-CW)

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WOKS WOKS Customised projects Projets personnalisés Imagine your Asian cooker. Design it yourself by combining the Woks with the items you need to adjust your workspace your needs as far as possible. Ask for a quote, we will work to make your project real. Wall cooker Professional WOK Cuisinière murale Wok professionnel Cooker with 4, 18 kW burners + central area for locating the sauces, basic design for this type of cooking. Destination: FRANCE. Cuisinière à 4 feux de 18kw + zone centrale pour situer les sauces, conception basique pour ce type de cuisson. Destination : FRANCE. Central...

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WOKS WOKS Customised projects Projets personnalisés Imaginez votre cuisine asiatique. Concevez-la en combinant les woks avec les éléments dont vous avez besoin pour adapter au maximum votre espace de travail à vos besoins. Demandez-nous un devis, nous travaillerons pour faire de votre projet une réalité. Central cooker Professional WOK Cuisinière centrale WOK professionnelle Central cooker on table with shelves, with 10 burners (6 of 18 kW + 4 of 12 kW). Equipped with 2 water columns. Basic design for Asian cooking, for working on both sides. Destination: FRANCE. Cuisinière centrale sur une...

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WOKS WOKS MAINHO Accessories Accessoires W-300 + equipment + accessories W-300 + equipements + accessoires Customise your Wok cooker with traditional accessories of Asian cooking Personnalisez votre cuisiniere Wok avec des accessoires traditionnels de la cuisine asiatique Z01209000030 Small ladle 0.25l Petite louche Z01208500008 Container support Support conteneur Z01209000028 Water container Conteneur d'eau ▼ Z01208500006 Spice rack support Support a epices Description Support a epices Boite a epices couvercle resille Boite a epices couvercle a trous diametre 1,2 mm Boite a epices...

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