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OVENS FOURS The best “kitchen help” for your kitchen Le meilleur « aide-cuisinier » pour votre cuisine Gastro-prof PLUS Line - Easy Line - Punto Caliente Ligne Gastro-prof PLUS - Easy Line - Point chaud

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OVENS FOURS Series Gastro-Prof PLUS Included: • AUTOMATIC WASHING • Probe to the heart • USB input for HACCP control Fournis : ■ LAVAGE AUTOMATIQUE. ■ Sonde au creur ■ Entree USB pour controle HACCP The Gastro-Prof Plus ovens represent an advance in the chef-kitchen relationship thanks to the developments in design and interaction. Les fours Gastro-Prof PLUS representent une avancee dans la relation chef-cui- Volume Gross kW Packaging Weight (m3) (kg) Models measurements measurements Capacity Medium power _ Puissance moyenne A High power — Haute puissance A High power ^ Haute puissance

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OVENS FOURS General features Caractéristiques générales - Built in stainless steel, polished on the inside and SCOTCH BRITE on the outside. - Ergonomic door handle. - Door with double glazing easy to open for cleaning. - Reversible door with very thick, non-deformable stainless steel lock. - Joint embedded in the cooking chamber. - Inner chamber with rounded angles. - Inside lighting. - Guides of the trays with a gap of 70 mm between them (with 80 mm in pastry baking version, OPTIONAL). - TOUCH SCREEN perfected with a more simplified, intuitive, fast and accurate programming. - Usb Input...

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OVENS FOURS M INHO MACXHNARIA INDUSTRIAL HOSTELER A $LO AccessoriesAccessoires Models Description Outer dimensions Capacity (mm) Compatibility Volume Weight (m3) (kg) SFGA-76TR SFGA2-76TR SOPG-70T SOPG-90T SOPG2-70T SOPG2-90T SFGC-762T SFGC2-76TR Neutral cabinet Neutral cabinet Open support Open support Open support Open support Hot cabinet ...S Trolley for tray-holder structure - KSFG Supplement reversible door - CAV Hood for overlapped oven Windproof flue Descaler Descaler cartridge Detergent + rinse aid Stainless steel grille GN 1/1 CFP-11 Heated smooth griddle...

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OVENS FOURS Line Easy Line Convection (ECE-HS/ECG-HS) - Convection by humidification (EUE-HS/EUG-HS) - Convection by steam (EDE-HS/EDG-HS) Convection (ECE-HS/ECG-HS) - Convection par humidification (EUE-HS/EUG-HS) - Convection par vapeur (EDE-HS/EDG-HS) On/off On/off Cooking time Temps de cuisson Air opening/ Dry cooking Ouverture air/ Cuisson sèche Convection Convection Increase moisture Augmentation Humidité Steam Vapeur Convection/ steam Convection/ vapeur Cooling Refroidissement Temperature Température Convection Convection Convection/ Humidifier Convection/ Humidificateur Convection/...

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OVENS FOURS M INHO MAQUNARIA INDUSTRIAL HOSTEIERA Sill - 3 models: convection, convection/humidifier, convection/steam - Chamber with rounded angles to facilitate cleaning. - Analogue control, intuitive and easy to use. - Automatic inverter of rotation direction of the turbines. - Moisture control (in EU, ED models). - Chamber cooling function (ED) - Chamber lighting - Double glazed and reversible door - Preinstallation of probe to the core. - Tray-holder structure with 75 mm pitch, detachable for easy cleaning. - Possibility of installation of cooking chamber temperature display. (only...

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MAOUNARIA INOUSTRIAL HOSTS LERA SlU FOURS Condensation hood Hotte de condensation Chrome-plated grille GN 1/1 Grille chromee GN 1/1 Wash shower kit Kit douche de lavage Probe to core kit Kit sonde au creur Chamber temperature display Afficheur temperature de la chambre Perforated plate Plaque perforee Aluminium tray Plateau en aluminium Plate Plancha Open support Support ouvert Open support Open support Hot cabinet Fermenting cabinet Oven overlap kit Condensation hood Hood for overlapped oven Descaler Descaler cartridge Wash shower kit Retractable wash shower kit Probe to core...

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OVENS FOURS Series Punto Caliente Série Point chaud Oven + Grill (HRN-G) - Oven + Grill + Humidifier (HRN-GH) Oven + Humidifier (HRN-H) Four + Gril (HRN-G) - Four + Gril + Humidificateur (HRN-GH) Four + Humidificateur (HRN-H) Made of stainless steel - Enamelled cooking chamber (HRN-1, HRN-2) and stainless steel 18/8 (HRN-3) - 4 levels for trays of 60 x 40 cm and GN 1/1 (HRN-2, HRN-3) - 2 powerful fans (HRN-1, HRN-2) - Turbo auto-reverse fan in HRN-3 model - Microswitch - Continuous timer 10 to 120 minutes with alarm signal - Service panel on the lower part - Thermostat from 50 ºC to 300 ºC...

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