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LUSOTUFO_Rugs_and_Carpets_for_Life_Brochure_2017 - 2

lusotufo Eight decades of history in carpets and rugs! Over the past 80 years our vast experience has enabled us to progress with confidence and to invest in the development of an ever increasing number of our own collections and bespoke carpets and rugs. Absolute control over the entire production process from raw materials (to blending, dyeing, spinning, tufting and finishing) provides for an important competitive advantage in addition to guaranteeing the quality and accuracy of our products. As a manufacturer of textile products and yarns, we are proud to employ the highest standards of...

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LUSOTUFO_Rugs_and_Carpets_for_Life_Brochure_2017 - 3

Carpets Inspirational and unique ideas for HOME and CONTRACT Year on year Lusotufo develops magnificent floorcoverings in new collections inspired by nature and lifestyles, providing both residential and hospitality markets with a multi style range of carpets and rugs in a beautiful and versatile assortment of natural and synthetic materials, perfectly formed for decorative market requirements. May we share our expertise as your business partner! CONTRACT From standard collection to custom made products We produce a huge variety of tufted carpets including loop pile and cut pile, velvet cut...

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LUSOTUFO_Rugs_and_Carpets_for_Life_Brochure_2017 - 4

Rugs Lusotufo provides both standard and custom made rugs and offers clients the opportunity to select a variety of materials, textures, colours and finishes. Whether for your home or for your business, convert your space into a unique original environment. Exceptional quality, competitive pricing and a rapid service suited to your requirements. ftiuiritmua rat iD'Hn-Tl J LIBlii PI I -niunifrhTd »M! W M FAST Rug... keep it SIMPLE Discreet and suited to any environment Fast Rug is rapidly becoming a much sought after proposition for its simplicity, durability and speed of execution. Made...

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LUSOTUFO_Rugs_and_Carpets_for_Life_Brochure_2017 - 5

Even the simplest things can be beautiful tJature inspires us with its colours, textures, patterns'and materials. We believe you deserve the best and feel certain you will agree!!! Inspire yourself in our world ofcarpets and rugs! All you need is your imagination... Share your idea and leave it with us. We will create your perfect carpets and rugs! Lusotufo is able to provide for its residential and hospitality clients a vast range of both standard and bespoke products, using natural or synthetic materials, with original patterns, colours and designs. A unique and personalised service at...

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LUSOTUFO_Rugs_and_Carpets_for_Life_Brochure_2017 - 6

You dream it, we do it We are the dream makers LUSOTUFO, S.A. Rua Olivia e Florindo Cantinho, 2901 3885-317 Cortega^a - Ovar - Portugal phone: (+351) 256 750 500 | fax: (+351) 256 750 504

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