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LOPEZIPIGUEIRASName and family International Name Scientific Name Family Main Commercial Names: IPE Tabebuia spp. Bignoniaceae. Central America: Amapa Prieta Bolivia: Ipe Brazil: Ipe, Pau D 'arco Colombia: Canaguate, Polvillo Guyana: Hakia, Iron Wood French Guyana: Ebene Verte Peru: Tahuari Negro Suriname: Groenhart Venezuela: Acapro Puy Sapwood Heartwood • Colour • Grain direction • Grain • Sieve • Particularities Very visible, white yellowish. Brown olive to dark brown, sometimes with fine pores. End grain always present; sometimes very strong. Fine to medium. Extraordinarily fine. Pores filled with a green-yellow deposit, stratified structure that is sometimes perceptible, dust that can cause dermatosis. Wet weight Density at 12% humidity Dimensional stability • Volumetric contraction coefficient: • Contraction ratio • Hardness (Chalais - Meudon) • Resistance to static bending • Elasticity modulus • Resistance to parallel compression • Fire reaction class • Thermal conductivity • Formaldehyde emission 1.300 Kg/m3 1050 Kg/m3 (very heavy) 0,41% (Stable wood) 1,27% (No tendency to deform) 8,5 (Very hard wood) 1.750 kg / cm2 200.000 kg/cm2 890 kg/cm2 Cfl-sl 0,25 W/(mK) El LOPEZ PIGUEIRAS SOLID WOOD FLOORING Lg. de Patarroa s/n, CP 27861, Covas-Viveiro (LUGO), Tel. +34 982 561 061 lopezpigueiras@lopezpigueiras.com www.lopezpigueiras.com

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Woodwork, industry and decorative wood flooring. Sleepers Tool handles. Shipbuilding. Fungi resistance Termite resitance Dry wood borers resistance Use class ensured by natural durability 1 (Very Durable) D (Durable) D (Durable) 4 and 5 (Outside, ground and marine or fresh water contact) Sawing Drying Processing Gluing Nailing Finishings Impregnability No problems aside from its hardness. Very quick dulling. To be carried out slowly. Small risks of warping and crevices. Difficulties due to the end grain. Very slow mechanisation is recommended. Tannins make good adherence difficult. Previous...

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IPE - 3

LOPEZIPIGUEIRAS Our floorings are manufactured to meet current regulation standards, endorsed by the main Quality Seals so the corresponding certificates can be issued. OUTDOOR WOOD FLOORING MANUFACTURING STANDARDS - UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015: Quality Management Systems. - UNE 56823:2008: Outdoor wood flooring. Installation. Specifications. INDOOR WOOD FLOORING MANUFACTURING STANDARDS - AITIM quality seal: 4-3-13. Wood floors. Wood flooring. - UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015: Quality Management Systems. - UNE-EN 13756:2003: Wood flooring. Terminology. - UNE-EN 13226:2009: Solid parquet elements with...

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