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DATA SHEET Name and family International Name Scientific Name Eucaliptus globulus Main Commercial Names Description of the wood Sapwood cream color with little difference to dark heartwood cream, tinged with gray. Fiber Direction Straight to interlocked target for nodosities. Technological characteristics Density (12%) Hard timber. Monnin hardness of 6,5 and Brinnell hardness. HB = 50 N/mm2. Nervous wood. Between 5% and 25% moisture content, it is recommended to use a unitary swelling and/or shrinkage coefficient of 0,3% in radial and 0,5% tangential direction. Dinaminc bending Strength properties High resilience coefficient (k = 1,2 as per UNE 56.540:1978). The standard UNE 56.546:2007 sets a unique quality grade, denominated MEF, for which toa strength class D-40 is assigned. Durability class 2 as per the standard AS 5604: 2005. Fire resistance Nominal calculated charring rate Bn = 0,55 - 0,47 mm/min. LOPEZ PIGUEIRAS SOLID WOOD FLOORING Lg. de Patarroa s/n, CP 27861, Covas-Viveiro (LUGO), Tel. +34 982 561 061 www.lopezpigueiras

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DATA SHEET Uses and applications Originally it was used in applications where resistance and durability were required, such as in naval and civil construction, flooring, telegraph posts, docks, bridges, carts and carriages, tool handles, railway sleepers, etc. Now it is used in new carpentary and furniture uses too. Natural durability Durability in ground contact Durability outside above ground Class 3 (5 to 15 years). Class 2 (15 to 40 years) Structural Classification Percentile value of bending strength Mean value of modulus of elasticity parallel to the grain Percentile value of modulus of...

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DATA SHEET EUCALIPTUS UNE-EN 13501-1:2007: Classification according to behavior with fire for construction products and elements used in building work. Part 1: Classification based on data obtained in fire reaction tests. UNE-EN 14342:2006: Wooden floors. Characteristics, evaluation of compliance and marking CE. Eucaliptus Indoor Flooring “White Stain” LOPEZ PIGUEIRAS SOLID WOOD FLOORING Lg. de Patarroa s/n, CP 27861, Covas-Viveiro (LUGO), Tel. +34 982 561 061 www.lopezpi

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