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Background A LIFE CARVED IN WOOD López Pigueiras S.A. is a family company dedicated to the transformation and machining of wood for more than 30 years. The company began as a carpentry workshop, which has grown to become a large scale enterprise specialising in the manufacture of varnished wooden flooring using the most advanced technology. Its installations have also undergone major developments, today covering more than 50,000 m2 to store the wood and house all of the machinery required to carry out its industrial work. It has gradually consolidated its presence throughout the whole of...

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Values THE STRENGTH OF COMMITMENT López Pigueiras S.A. is a company that believes in mutual confidence and commitment towards its customers, its own work and the environment, a belief that allows it to achieve its three main objectives: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Each customer always receives personalised service and assistance, with the most complete service, making it possible for us to understand their needs in full and respond to them. For this reason, architects, decorators and other professionals in the sector can count on its extensive experience and enthusiasm to collaborate in order to...

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Processes NATURE’S FINEST López Pigueiras S.A. works with wood of an exceptional quality, which it imports into our country directly, taking care to ensure that forestry resources are replaced. 70% of the wood it uses comes from the most important tropical species from Africa and Brazil, with the remaining 30% from the USA, northern Europe and Galicia. As a result of its environmental commitments, it works with material that carries all of the necessary legal permits stipulating its point of origin and sustainability certificates, such as that of the FSC® (with licence FSC-C015217) or the...

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The Product ON FIRM GROUND, MADE OF VARNISHED SOLID WOOD FLOORBOARDS The varnished solid wooden floorboards from López Pigueiras S.A. are its most outstanding and demanded product, thanks to their exceptional qualities as a result of the strict quality controls applied to every stage of manufacture, from the importing of the raw material to final quality control. The wood is imported directly. There are no ‘middle men’ in the process, guaranteeing that all of the corresponding documentation is in order. A latest-generation varnishing line applies 8 layers of varnish, which are then dried...

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Jatoba, sense and sensibility

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Sensitive soul, strong character Jatoba (Brasilian Cherry) is a wood that combines a unique touch, thanks to its special beauty, with great strength as a result of its high density. For this reason it is ideal for your home, suffusing every corner with its delicate nature, at the same time providing total protection from the exterior.

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Ipe Wood, a total guarantee

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Stands up to the rigours of life Your life moves at such a pace that you need the security of knowing where you are stepping. A wood that resists your day-to-day activity, without giving you any reasons to worry. A wood like Ipe floorboards, offering an excellent finish and maximum durability.

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Grapia, the height of beauty

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Expression without limits And if you could walk on a canvas? Where you could paint the best moments of life, and remove any marks easily? Discover this sensation thanks to the impeccable beauty of Grapia (Ameralao) wood, with all of the brilliance of the tropical jungles.

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Your home, a safer place with Sucupira

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In contact with nature And if you could relax on the same wood that protects tribes in the Amazon from tropical storms and wild animals? From Brazil, Sucupira brings a sense of security. A wood whose quality envelops us in a universe of comfort and tranquillity.

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Cumaru, elegant and sophisticated

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Nobility in your interior If you are looking for a wood that reflects the most exquisite luxury, you should not hesitate to see yourself standing on Cumaru (Amarelo) wood. The nobility of Cumaru (Amarelo) makes your style stand out, and the spirit of your decoration, revealing the sumptuousness of your interior to the exterior.

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Iroko, the warm-hearted wood

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“The footprints of those who walked together are never erased” (popular African saying) Footprints that you will not see, as our varnished Iroko (African Teak) stays unchanged, and is very easy to clean. And as it will last so long, you will be able to remember the happiest moments of your life on it.

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With Doussie, you create your own space

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Passion for your home All of those who live together with you will thank you for having brought so much warmth into your home. Exotic Doussie (Pachyloba) wood, as soft as it is beautiful, will make them feel more comfortable and relaxed than ever before.

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Bubinga, a timeless spirit

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A relationship that lasts forever Time is capable of eradicating anything, although in the case of our floors made of elegant Bubinga wood, it will have to think twice. Because the quality of its hardness, thanks to its special varnish, ensures you will have perfect floors for a very long time.

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Firmer footsteps, on Walnut

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Following your path When you decide to begin a new life, or a new project for the future, each decision you make is important. Walnut, with its elegant dark colour and prominent veins, will help you to start out on your own path on the right foot.

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There’s nowhere like your home Your home is your castle, because it is where you enjoy life the most, do what you want, and can be yourself. For this reason you want to enjoy only the best in your home, such as exquisite cherry wood, which highlights its exclusive nature.

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Maple, the intelligent choice

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With your feet on the floor Deciding how a house should look down to the last detail calls for a great deal of responsibility. Evaluating price, quality and appearance, choosing maple wood is the perfect option to ensure the final project is a genuine success.

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American Oak, in the heart of nature

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A breath of fresh air Floors made of American Oak invite you to stretch out and relax on them. With their firm feel, and eight layers of varnish, you can travel in your dreams to their land of origin, or wherever your imagination takes you.

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