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Light inspires, With Lirio by Philips we continuously challenge ourselves to shape a light portfolio that brings both compelling designs as much as it intrigues with the light it creates. LED is taking an important role in the portfolio, allowing the design team of LIRIO to craft new, unique designs and forms. As the light bulb replaced candles, the LED will now replace the bulb; a paradigm shift, allowing light to gain a new meaning in the home. The role of design is to enable this shift from styling luminaires to designing light itself. Keeping in mind the important role that light takes...

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PIEGA LUCE page 76

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Red Dot Design Award The Red Dot award is an internationally recognized seal of quality and for excellent design. A creation that is granted with this award shows it belongs to the world’s design elite. 7 iF Product Design Award ACK page 56 iF International Forum Design has been recognizing outstanding achievements in design with iF awards and iF Gold awards. Today it is among the most important awards for innovative product design.

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Decorative collection

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Spots, wall & ceiling RETRO PLANET

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Decorative collection

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PICULET The designer was inspired by a woodpecker bird when creating the Piculet. Piculet is a small iconic table lamp that fits any style or interior. It stands up straight like a woodpecker, ready to hop and peck away at whatever is in sight. The lamp was given the name of the smallest woodpecker bird, Piculet.

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Ready to hop from spot to spot Inspired by a ‘woodpecker’ bird. The head and foot of the Piculet can be assembled by its owner, showing off a playful, accentuated mark at the rear where the braided wire creeps out. It comes in a variety of soft tones and a luxurious finish. Inside the head there is warm white LED module inside. The light is warmly diffused by the diffuser creating a nice ambiance. The light can be turned on by the rubber switch on the head.

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Eron makes heads spin. All unnecessary details have been reduced to keep only the essential, bringing light very discretely in your home interior The flexible anti-glare light disk can be twisted in any direction to bring light into the darkest corners. As like the 'Heron' bird, Eron suits to be elegant, slim and perfectly in balance only moving its head. All unnecessary details have been reduced to keep only the essential. A winner of the IF Award 201 3, a true design icon.

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Balanza shines in simplicity. A strong and powerful design that impresses. A standout in your interior, it offers a balanced approach to design. Balanza´s favourite. dive, this lamp makes a distinct impression as it shines with simple, clear and minimalist shapes. The design is so simple and unobtrusive that it contradicts the experimental trend.” 23

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reddot design award design award

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LA LENTE Lost and found again Inspired by a magnifying glass, the gentle looks of La Lente make it appear as if it is looking for the source of light itself… as if it got lost and La Lente wants to retrieve it.

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new Lost and found again companion to bring a light accent on your bedside table, in your living room or in your hallway. Emitting a diffuse glow without using a light bulb, La Lente

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What is it about light that we can't grasp? Light is all around us, yet we can't put our finger on it. Ecliptic is just as mystifying as light. It's a body with a glowing cavity, mass and void, all in one. It looks like it's from outer space. Ecliptic appeals and amazes. It is a mysterious interpretation of light.

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When technology becomes design.' Technology sets Trelome apart. This pendant matches the unique LED-antiglare disk in a smooth and gracious design. Trelome means "three hills" in Italian. These three domes on top of the Trelome accentuate its soft form and offer you a functional lighting solution. Dress up your table in light, with this 201 2 IF Award winner

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We believe it is with Circulis. Circulis is a geometrical design with clear surfaces and strong contrasts.The unique LED anti-glare disks direct the light wherever you want. Up, down, sideways, any direction you choose. It makes Circulis a progressive and functional lumin-aire, with a clear architectural signature.

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atmosphere in your home.

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light without a bulb. Bathing in eternal light, the shade lights up from the The combination of a classic shape and integrated LEDs, makes Cielo the Red Dot Design award winner.

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PIEGA LUCE Exploring the endless possibilities of LED lighting, Piega Luce's designer, Lieven Verdin, found inspiration in a single sheet of paper "Light is hard to grasp. Piega Luce captures light by wrapping around it so that virtually nothing remains - only light itself. It is the essence of light. Light flows from the minimalist body around it, creating clear lines that slice through space. Its effect is mysterious, magical, poetic - from where does the light come? Piega Luce is not only pleasant to the eye but functional. It illuminates elongated spaces exceptionally."

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PIEGA LUCE Envelop the essence of light A love letter to the imagination. A single folded sheet of paper So slender it slips into an envelope, So slight it appears to float on the air. Think of Piega Luce as a love letter to the imagination. Piega Luce is a luminaire unlike any you have seen before. Inspired by a technology so advanced that it redefines the forms light can take, Its elegance and beauty have a purity like the essence of light itself. Piega Luce is a folded pendant and wall-light luminaire finished in real wood. Light flows into the air from three of its edges, casting a...

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Who says modern architecture cannot be complemented with warm white light? Accentuate your house with the pure black and white elegance of Dolinea.The textured black fabric adds a decorative touch and feeling to your interior Looking for a more subtle presence, choose

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