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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016


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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 2

More than meets the eye In the range of products: Linvisibile is the synthesis of refinement and technology. It produces patented and highly customizable closing systems flush to the wall. In all Linvisibile projects, there is much more than meets the eye. Linvisibile is the ideal partner for designers in the creation of the most daring architecture. The possibilities of producing closing systems of any format are limitless. Every Linvisibile project is unique and exclusive because it’s tailor made, from the doors to all the environments of contemporary living. Linvisibile products are 100%...

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 3

Wallpaper creates visual solutions that reflect the style and aesthetic preferences of the designer. The creative value and versatility of wallpaper designs are the ideal solution for giving life to new visual identities. Brilliant and matt metal surfaces, amazing finishes which can be applied on all doors, available for the designer to give shape to a space that reflects his/her imagination. Linvisibile gets decked out with extra-thin natural stone slabs, to enrich with vein-lines and undertones the panels of the entire Linvisibile door range. Exciting and dynamic effects, this versatile...

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 4

Infinito A very wide range of finishes can be applied to the Infinito hinged door, this innovative system allows to decorate the panels with finishes such as glass, laminate, microcement, leather and gres porcelain. hinged door infinito version Gres porcelain finish

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 5

vertical pivot door filo 10 version Lacquered and veneered finishes, glossy colour effect

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 6

versions The rising of the sun is translated into a simple gesture: the opening of a hinged door. A closing vertical horizon. Hinged door 50 mm, traditional panel thickness Filo 10 version Infinito version Fire Resistant REI30 version Curved leaf version hinged door Ardesia stone finish with boiserie in continuity with t

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 7

hinged door filo 10 version Green marble finish

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 8

hinged door Natural brass finish, glossy effect

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 9

hinged door curved leaf version Lacquered finish, matt effect

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 10

hinged door infinito version Glass finish, glossy colour effect

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 11

versions Marea represents the fluid movement of a sliding door, opening completely and perfectly flush to the wall. Concealed Sliding door, either manual or motorized version Pocket door for 105, 125, 150 mm wall thickness, double leaf and glass panel version pocket door, double leaf version Moulded surface, matt lacquered finis

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 12

concealed sliding door, motorized version Natural copper finish, glossy surface

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 13

concealed sliding door, manual version Onyx stone finish, recessed handle

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 14

pocket door Copper finish, matt effect, recessed handle

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 15

versions Brezza represents the spirit of pivoting doors flush to the wall. Closing systems that can be opened with just a puff of breath. Filo 10 Vertical Pivot door Vertical Pivot door vertical pivot door Lacquered finish, invisible handl

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 16

vertical pivot door filo 10 version Veneered Canaletto walnut finish

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 17

filo 10 double leaf version Oxidized brass finish

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 18

vertical pivot door filo 10 version Copper and marble stone finish

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 19

Orizzonte is our innovative system to dress walls Boiserie system Exclusive “thin skin” system to coat walls in perfect planarity with the doors. Skirting system A baseboard system to better complete the offer of flush to wall elem

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 20

Technical closures Extra Closures Nicchio Special Closu

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 21

multiple leaves version Wallpaper finish, push-pull openings

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 22

Boiserie application, push-pull opening

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 23

Extra closures multiple leaves version Wallpaper finish, invisible handle

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 24

Innovation and tradition Linvisibile was created in 1994 out of the experience of Portarredo Srl, an italian company founded in the early 80’s specialised in manufacturing doors and locking systems featuring exclusive designs and materials. Linvisibile was the first-ever trademark to manufacture doors and locking systems totally flush to the wall whose exclusive patented system eliminates the need for door posts, frames or exposed hinges, providing a perfect smooth opening and motion.

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LINVISIBILE Light catalogue 2016 - 25

linvisibile creative direction Matteo Ragni Studio concept and layout Alessandro Boscarino print Grafiche dell’Artiere, Bologna associated with Linvisibile obtained the ISO 9001 quality certification from ICILA, the sole specific certification entity for the furniture and woodwork industries. At the same time, our network of technicians, suppliers and experts, always at the designers’ service, assures the quality of the services offered. These documents are the exclusive property of PORTARREDO S.R.L. and are protected by Italian law as well as by international laws, treaties and agreements...

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