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n Italian word known all over the world. It evokes the excellence of Made in Italy products without fanfare. It describes the experienced craftsman who gives shape to the raw material with his own hands, creating something unique. It also means teacher who shares his knowledge and necessarily sets an example. It is the orchestra conductor, the protagonist and the guide to melody. Its goal is to set the parameters of experience and know-how developed by i-LèD.

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LIGHT, MAESTRO. here was an idea, or rather a certainty, behind the the market, both in terms of range of products and of our ability creation of the i-LèD brand in 2000: the determination to develop seamlessly integrated, ad hoc technologies. We of to focus on LED lighting, which was then taking its first but the Linea Light Group are the pioneers in LED lighting, and are promising steps and looked set to prove successful over time. proud to be among the first in the world to have invested on this Gaining specific experience and skills was crucial in order for us technology with profound...

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OUR THINK TANK? IT IS YOU... We’d be nowhere without you. e are proud of the know-how we have acquired over another, try out new ideas, correct any errors and appropriately years of activity exclusively focused on the production direct the resources and efforts of our technical team. It allows of LED lighting fixtures: continuous research and experiments us to take into account highly specific needs to which no one allow us to find new solutions every time. But behind it all, the has yet found a solution. Asking for opinions and feedback, sparks of our creativity and ingenuity are lit by...

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A CONTINUOUS CHALLENGE Maestro is not the destination, but the departure point. xperience has taught us many things: to win, by innovating the synergy of creative ability and intuition, technical knowledge before others; to make mistakes, for the same reason as and skills, constant study and precise analysis of technologies before; to fall, but get up immediately and get back to winning; and materials. Quantity, but above all quality are of the essence: to treasure it all. It has been fifteen years of study, constant we are the only ones to conceive our luminaires as a single research,...

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“Gymnasium” - Bochum (Germany)

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WHY LED? We have always chosen the very best, and will continue to do so. ED STANDS FOR LIGHT EMITTING DIODE. colour temperature. And, of course, in terms of safety, where In practical terms, today it is synonymous with the danger of photo-biological damage due to optical radiation technologically advanced lighting. This means maximum is totally inexistent, as required by the EN 62471:2008 standard. efficiency in terms of performance, as the small space of a As an indispensable starting point in the design and realisation diode contains a light of much superior quality than that emitted of...

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THE CASING Shapes and Materials. hen designing a casing, i-LèD considers different factors: the most aesthetically suitable shape, the • high plasticity (cold and hot processing possible). In outdoor environments, where dissipation problems are composition of the materials to be used and the chemical generally less of a concern, steel represents the optimum treatments that enhance their properties. The design of i-LèD compromise between good thermal conductivity and excellent luminaires is studied in a methodical way: it is important that resistance to weather events or to salinity,...

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i-LèD and heat dissipation research in identifying the most suitable structures for improving the dispersion of excess heat have resulted in the design of i-LèD products with passive heat dissipation: this allows the casing to maintain temperatures below 50°C at all times, optimizing the transfer of heat from the LED printed circuit Why is the issue of thermal conductivity so important? board to the outside environment and thus striking Every lighting fixture is created and designed a balance between top performance and long life. to express the full potential of different, specific This is...

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F.O.L.™ system for reducing luminance down to 30% (compared to previous-generation i-LèD downlights featuring the same power). through better luminance control, while still ensuring excellent optical efficiency and extremely low loss. 5 filters with various levels of opacity and different microstructure configurations are used according to the characteristics of the applications for which they are intended. The light output optimized by the A LED is configured to emit a certain amount of light, F.O.L.™ system reduces light spills and indirectly but the output actually obtained varies...

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The LEDs chosen for the i-LèD brand offer an exceptionally pure light, the advantages of solid lighting with precise binning, high CRI and state-of-the-art lighting efficiency. white LEDs in particular, with a process called binning. i-LèD is ... accurately selected lighting: we choose diodes with specific CCTs for all lighting requirements. From extremely efficient 2700 K matching the CCT of discharge lamps of the highest quality to 3000 K, 4000 K and right up to 5000 K, matching daylight. COLOUR RENDERING INDEX (CRI). The Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is a quantitative measure of RISK...

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The importance of junction temperature How can we ensure proper heat dissipation in our products? In the research phase, we take junction temperature as a fundamental reference: measured in the meeting point between the diode substrate and the printed circuit board with metal core, it gives a precise indication of the maximum heat produced by LEDs in operation. It is essential to carry out an accurate thermal analysis and design a special heat dissipation system, in compliance • longer life of LEDs, which is prolonged in time and achieves a life of 80,000 hours retaining 80% level of the...

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THE BEST LIGHT The perfect light for you, to satisfy your demands for maximum quality. he lighting of an environment is closely linked to the LED array in the best possible way, minimizing light spills and amount of light illuminating the surfaces (lux), but not creating even, well defined lighting. Much focus has gone into only: the concentration of this light emission allows us to devising optical systems and using materials that enhance the obtain light beams with higher illuminance values. That is why, light source and ensure long life. i-LèD reflectors guarantee a in developing the...

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