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LINEA LIGHT GROUP From the time of its establishment in 1985 to the present, Linea Light Group has grown to the point of becoming and being known as one of the major players in technical and decorative lighting. These two spirits co-exist and fuel one another thanks to the group’s constant and continuous technological research. With the recent acquisition of the historic Stilnovo brand, famous for its innovative and experimental products, Linea Light Group’s decorative range is enriched. From Stilnovo, we inherited lighting items designed by Ettore Sottsass and De Pas D’urbino Lomazzi, as...

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Architect ural nal ssio ight l ofe Pr tdoor ou Re ta il Profe indo ssion or l al igh t

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INTERNATIONAL COMPANY Three production hubs to guarantee tailored global service at the disposal of lighting professionals Headquarter Hub-Branches Branches

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Linea Light Group is a unique group specialised in a diverse range of domains within the world of lighting. It is independent yet coordinated at the same time. Its formula allows for the creation of complete, unique solutions in any given context: from integrated systems for large residential or public buildings to outdoors or underwater lighting; from home environments to commercial, industrial, institutional or public spaces. Linea Light Group stands out thanks to a market approach that is attentive to specific requirements and to the demands of local partners. Its “Think Global, Act...

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SUSTAINABILITY, QUALITY AND GUARANTEE Linea Light Group invests in and continues to pursue a green-oriented philosophy for all company departments, from offices to production to the warehouse. The company has dedicated resources to containing the environmental impact of the various operations for many years, thanks to measures in favour of sustainable development such as the use of almost entirely self-produced renewable energies, the reduction of consumption and CO2 emissions, as well as the recovery and recycling of production scrap and raw materials. These are just a few of the...

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Blue Waters Island | Dubai, UAE

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MADE IN ITALY Linea Light Group is a manufacturing organisation which, along with its industrial capacity, has skilfully preserved a measure of that manual craftsmanship which has always characterised “Made in Italy” products. From conception to creation and all the way to assembly, our products are the combination of high technology, research and know-how, a recipe that has made Italian companies unique the world over. Alongside traditional machines, we have added new, high-performance technologies that allow us to carry out all the processes in-house that have made our products unique....

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TEST The test areas include machinery to conduct heat resistance and impact resistance tests, as well as to check the IP rating, the capability of the uplights to withstand traffic, the resistance of the materials to corrosion and saline environments, etc. Knowledge of the product, of all its components and smallest details, of the relationship between each individual mechanical and electronic part and of the optics lets us design solutions conceived for the customer. Low temperatures (-30°) resistance test Using specific instrumentation, we are able to test the electronic components...

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Linea Light Group adopts an industrial model which includes, in the various stages that make up the production, a manufacturing approach to the creation and assembly of the products. The typical “know-how” of the craftsman brought into a modern production situation. Ultrasonic welding. The new storage warehouse, the heart of the Vazzola (TV) production site, makes up a total of 24,000 m2 for a storage capacity of 21,000 load units, equivalent to about 420,000 Kg. Laser micro-etching machine for PMMA. 10 high efficiency plug-and-play robots, weighing just 150 kg per robot and featuring an...

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DESIGN COMPLETENESS Wall washing effect Underwater effect light Comfort light outdoor Window reveal light Wall grazing effect Emphasize architectural columns Uplighting & floor washing Scenographic light effect Step light effect Camo flex light High quality LED light

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Task lighting solutions Downlight Cut-off optics Flexible optics lighting Decorative technical Adaptive light modular system Courtesy effect light Dark sky compliance solutions

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SOLUTIONS FOR EVERY DESIGN CATEGORY With more than 40,000 product codes, Linea Light Group manages to meet any and all demands from the global Market, guaranteeing and delivering devices designed for any inhabited environment. The company’s extensive sales network and 15 locations around the world have enabled it to grow and develop into one of the best known and most appreciated lighting companies among professionals. Our I-Lèd section ranges from entertainment to architectural, hospitality and retail to residential. Architainment Linea Light Group has designed products conceived to best...

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Art & Worship I-Lèd has always accompanied Linea Light Group in its most challenging projects, such as those aimed at illuminating art and places of worship. In order to provide the right light for Art, high performance devices and LED sources capable of enhancing shapes and colours are needed. Our light sources are designed to correctly illuminate frescoes and works of art with full respect for the artist and his work. The great versatility of our lighting solutions makes it easy to design lighting for the various stages of the liturgy. Thanks to the near-invisibility of our products,...

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Office The modern Office environment is a functional mixture of open and closed spaces. Our I-Lèd products combine power, visual comfort, and glare control and, thanks to their great versatility, perfectly meet all the needs expressed by our customers. Suspended, recessed and modular systems incorporate light sources designed to avoid eye strain in front of the video terminals to achieve comfortable lighting that enhances occupancy and productivity and stimulates creativity and operability. Retail Every retail project has its own light, which has to give prominence and consistency to the...

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