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LLG Creek - 1

integrated spotlight modules EN REV. 00

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LLG Creek - 2

i-LeD Creek i-LeD Creek 64327 Two linear profiles 1800 mm 11 64337 Two linear profiles 3000 mm 11

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LLG Creek - 3

Symbols Indoor installation Outdoor installation Wall surface mounting Suspension mounting Ground surface mounting Wall recessed mounting Ground recessed mounting Ceiling recessed mounting Wall or ground surface mounting Ceiling surface mounting Ceiling or wall surface mounting Ceiling, wall or ground surface mounting Ceiling or ground surface mounting Protection class (IEC 60529) against foreign bodies and water Directional light beam Tilting light beam Power supply cable included Class I - IEC protection class Class II - IEC protection class Class III - IEC protection class Driver...

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LLG Creek - 4

Linea Light S.r.l. Italy via della Fornace, 59 z.i. 31023 Castelminio di Resana (TV) - Italy Phone: + 39 0423 78 68 Fax: +39 0423 78 69 00 info@linealight.com Linea Light Deutschland GmbH Aktienstraße 214 45473 Mülheim a.d. Ruhr - Germany T: +49 208 299979-0 F: +49 208 299979-10 service@linealight.de Linea Light France Z.A. Heiden Est, 12 rue des Pay-bas 68310 Wittelsheim - France Phone: + 33 389 75 52 23 Fax: + 33 389 75 59 07 info@linealight.fr Linea Light GCC - Middle East & Gulf Countries Jumeirah Lake Towers JBC2 - 35th Floor Office 02 - Dubai - UAE P.O. Box 125902 Phone: + 971 4...

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LLG Creek - 5

i-LèD Creek 64477...│64627... Creek Illiuminator Projector 25W

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LLG Creek - 9

i-LèD Creek [Integrated_architecture_solutions] Creek is a structure with no external frame that guarantees the installation of professional lighting technology solutions with utmost flexibility. The ingenious installation system makes it easy to insert the structure in any false ceiling in just a few simple steps and without using any tools. Creek is the ideal partner of all retailers who want to create an atmosphere in line with their own visual merchandising concept using an instrument that offers countless applications and discreetly blends in with the surrounding environment.

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LLG Creek - 11

i-LèD Creek The measures necessary to make the Starting with the carter internal side facing The carter is attached to the structure installation hole can be identified by using the downwards, the element can be easily inserted by means of magnets that allow precise end module shape, using no tools at all. through the installation hole and rotated to its positioning even if the points of contact After inserting it in the false ceiling, the operating position. cannot be seen from outside. structure is fixed from the outside using just screws that are then concealed by skimming and painting...

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LLG Creek - 12

i-LèD Creek The snap-fit mounting system allows the lighting fixtures, connected to each other by means of practical push-fit connectors, to be installed in a practical and quick way, without using tools, thanks to the structure shape and the projector base. Lastly, the entire fixture is connected to the mains by means of a single power supply cable. Once the structure has been prepared in the false ceiling, the swing arm can be inserted (fig. 1): the lighting fixture is located at one end and the fixing base at the other. Fixing is carried out through snap-fit mounting, by inserting the...

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LLG Creek - 13

i-LèD Creek R2 - dark greyish yellow R3 - strong yellow green R4 - moderate yellowish green R5 - light bluish green R8 - light reddish purple R13 - skin colour pink The Color Rendering Index (CRI) indicates rious colour temperatures, but always with a The FullHD technology embraces the goal of how the colours of an object are faithfully CRI 100. For this reason the FullHD selected offering fixtures with a light that faithfully repro- reproduced when illuminated by a light sour- diode aims to the perfection of the Sun throu- duce the colours: the CRI 95 of many families ce. The reproduction...

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LLG Creek - 16

i-LèD Creek Creek│Two linear profiles Creek│Fixing linear brackets

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LLG Creek - 18

i-LèD Creek type Black type Black type Black

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LLG Creek - 20

i-LèD Creek type Black Creek_System_130│ L-shaped carter (complete) type Black Creek_System_130│ Carter joint (optional) type Black

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LLG Creek - 22

Code composition: type + colour + optic Creek Pound-1| Projector | ArrayLED 15W 64487 colour Natural 1447 Im N Warm 1378 Im W type colour optic Compatible with: System_85, Sistem_130 Creek Pound-2| Projector | ArrayLED 20W colour Natural 1918 lm N Warm 1666 lm W colour Natural 2243 Im N Warm 2059 lm W Creek Mliuminator| Projector | ArrayLED25 W colour Natural 2415 Im N Warm 2300 lm W

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LLG Creek - 24

i-LeD Creek Creek Pound-1 - 15 W CRI 95| 15° OPTICS | FULLHD

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LLG Creek - 25

linea light group

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