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Architectural Lighting - 1

Architectural Lighting

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Architectural Lighting

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Architectural Lighting - 5

Four different interpretations. Product collections designed to “build up” spaces and make them richer through light, the fundamental element that Linea Light Group has masterfully developed in over thirty years of activity. This collection features architectural lighting Light requires a high level of precision. Particularly in the field of architectural lighting, where it becomes an essential element that requires close attention. Without light, all environments are uninhabitable; without light, no architectural feature can emerge from darkness; a landscape cannot find full expression if it...

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Architectural Lighting - 7

Perfect symbiosis with the surrounding space, blending in with the elements of the landscape. The Tràddel Architectural Lighting collection includes innovative products, designed to genuinely engage with the environment. Each lighting solution has a style that can suit any environment, from ancient historical buildings to the most modern interiors. Their formal and technological innovations are the result of Linea Light Group’s know-how and passion for light and design. This is what allows us to propose truly architectural solutions devised to shape interiors and the architectural landscape...

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Architectural Lighting - 9

We often test new materials, inspired by trends deriving from the fields of Architecture, Landscape and Interior Design. Maximum attention is devoted to the constant study of materials and to the care in the design of surface treatments for our fittings. Indoor luminaires are available in various colours with a matt embossed or plaster finish to offer the best interpretation of contemporary trends in interior design. For the outdoor lighting fixtures, much attention has gone into protection against corrosion. The anodizing pre-treatment ensures maximum protection on aluminium parts: polyester...

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Architectural Lighting - 11

Our optics department works tirelessly in the development of lenses and reflectors integrated in the body of the luminaires. Our lab technicians collaborate with the designers so that lighting research is an integral part of the final product, contributing to its shape and materials. Optics design for us means light quality and performance, and the ability to offer ever new, state-of-the-art lighting solutions to satisfy the needs and requirements of project designers. When the quality of lighting is paramount, emission must be extremely pure, and studied to ensure the best visual comfort.

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Architectural Lighting - 13

The Gypsum and Fylo range allow you to fully conceal the lighting fixture and admire lighting effects that draw shapes and environments and become an integral part of the architecture. LED lighting technology allows us to ensure unique lighting in terms of quality, combining Linea Light Group’s expertise with the extreme stylistic synthesis of a collection that has at its core the seamless integration in the architecture. Formal aesthetic is essential in the design of a lighting fixture. Attention to detail is acknowledged as synonymous with quality, as amply demonstrated by the Fylo and Joe...

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Architectural Lighting - 15

Integrated Lighting CELLComfort and Elegance TOURTimeless Design RADAPerformance and Innovation We made a restyling of a unique product, awarded with the RedDot Award in 2015, making it more durable, powerful and adaptable. Fylo+ represents the perfect synthesis between light and architecture. A complete range of indoor and outdoor profiles declined in recessed and surface solutions. Graphic and defined light or soft luminous effects able to enhance every spaces. A solution patented for architecture of today and tomorrow. This new range of ultracompact downlight offers total integration...

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Architectural Lighting - 16

PEAK Solutions on an urban scale VUELTA Control and Precision DIRIGO Simply Unique An entire program dedicated to outdoor lighting designed to meet all the requirements of a complete lighting project. With their streamlined and compact design, these fixtures can be seamlessly integrated in any context. The different solutions available can handle lumens ranging from 1000lm to 5000lm with absolute control of light emission toward the pavement. A professional projector designed for maximum installation flexibility with precise and efficient light emission. It is available in two sizes, both...

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Architectural Lighting - 17

5 Linea Light Group offers a 5-year warranty on its products against manufacturing defects, subject to filling in the activation form available at www. In the absence of activation, the statutory warranty remains valid. All power supply, wiring and accessories used for product installation shall be original Linea Light Group parts or approved by the company. The warranty will become void if non original or non approved parts are used. For more information, please visit our website

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Architectural Lighting - 18


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Architectural Lighting - 19

Main Index Indoor Integrated. lighting Fylo+ Fylo Curved Lighting. system Mini-Outline Shore Outline_MF Rada Pool Outline_F Mini-Outline Orient_S FliveJ/V Mini-Dual Point_S Wall_W Pool_P Baton Shore Mini-Outline Hive Cable System

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Architectural Lighting - 20

Main Index Integrated. lighting Peak Maxi

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Architectural Lighting - 21

Main Index EMergency Escape Route Escape Signals Power Switching

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Architectural Lighting - 25

Range Index Fylo+ Recessed_1 Fylo+ Recessed_2 Fylo+ Recessed_3 Fylo+ Recessed_4 Fylo+ Recessed_5 Fylo Curved

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Architectural Lighting - 27

Integrated lighting in architecture Graphic. Integrated lighting allows to use lighting units as if they were a customized graphic element. It means communication, it passes through the volumes by digging them up, breaking them or joining them together. It allows to discretely customize rooms, without being overly intrusive. Creative. Linear profiles as well as curved or circular elements allow to free the designer’s creativity in a space, thus creating unlimited combinations. Each place can have a new appeal and a timeless charm. Elegant. A detail that can be perfectly integrated with any...

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Architectural Lighting - 29 A solution to design every space with lighting Passages and reception spaces are defined by lines and wall mounted details of light, deriving from sources perfectly integrated with architecture. Wall flush recessed and chalk smooth shapes are the best solutions to have innovative lighting settings. Walls, linkage and entrances are embellished by dedicated lighting, enhancing and underlining all details. Last generation LED technology provides to sources best efficiency and optimized visual comfort, also providing high level performance thanks to lighting output control...

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