Built-in Refrigeration & Freezing 2018


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Built-in Refrigeration & Freezing 2018 - 1

Built-in Refrigeration & Freezing 2018

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Built-in Refrigeration & Freezing 2018 - 2

Liebherr Technologie - Attractive range of appliances in the very best energy efficiency classes thanks to highly efficient refrigeration systems - Ideal climate close to 0°C and optimum humidity - DrySafe is ideal for storing meat, fish and dairy products - HydroSafe is perfect for storing fruit and vegetables - Groente, fruit, vlees, vis en zuivelproducten blijven veel langer vers - Verse producten in één keer voor de hele werkweek inkopen mogelijk - Véél minder vaak weggooien van voedsel - Behoud of zelfs toename van vitamines (92% hoger dan in normaal koeldeel) - Two separately controlled...

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Built-in Refrigeration & Freezing 2018 - 3

Contents The right appliance for you: Our model groups ___________________________________ 04 Quality, Design and Innovation_____________________ 08 Product highlights Flexible accessories _____________________________________ 14 BioFresh _______________________________________________ 16 LED____________________________________________________ 18 Flexible interior _________________________________________ 20 Side-by-Side-Concept___________________________________ 24 Side-by-Side Food storage centres_________________ 26 Fridge-freezers _______________________________________ 34 Fridges...

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Built-in Refrigeration & Freezing 2018 - 4

Choosing the correct model Integrated built-in appliances These appliances are designed for easy installation behind the kitchen unit door and can therefore be integrated perfectly into your kitchen. Two different types of unit door installation are available: A) Door-on-door installation, the kitchen unit door and the appliance door are connected by attaching the unit door to the appliance door. B) Door-slider installation, the unit door is directly attached to the cabinet and connected to the appliance door via sliding rails. When opened and closed, the unit door slides along the rails....

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Built-in Refrigeration & Freezing 2018 - 5

Global Success: Liebherr Corporate Group Liebherr is a third-generation, family-owned company founded by Dr. Hans Liebherr in 1949 with the creation of the first ever mobile crane. With over 60 years of success, Liebherr has become synonymous with the equipment needed to build homes and businesses, as well as the appliances within them. One of the world’s largest manufacturers of construction machinery, Liebherr has expanded to eleven divisions with a wide array of product ranges, including earth moving equipment, mining, tower and maritime cranes, aerospace and transportation systems, and...

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Built-in Refrigeration & Freezing 2018 - 6

Liebherr has specialised in the production of innovative, premium quality fridges and freezers for over 60 years. From initial product design and through all the development stages, and then from production through to marketing, our goal is to consistently offer cutting-edge products that are characterised by timeless and elegant design. In this process, we constantly implement new product ideas that ensure long term fresh food storage. Qua ity Quality fresh food storage: BioFresh Liebherr's BioFresh technology preserves fresh food for longer. Stored in the BioFresh compartment, at just...

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Built-in Refrigeration & Freezing 2018 - 7

With their elegant and timeless design, Liebherr fridges and freezers meet the highest aesthetic standards. Their interior design & quality is evident in so many details: from the twin LED lighting columns, to the high quality GlassLine interior door fittings with VarioBoxes, and to the new VarioSafe drawer that offers clear, organised storage. Design Designs for every preference To ensure you are fully satisfied with your Liebherr appliance throughout its life, we offer a wide range of models to choose from- in different styles and with a variety of interior designs. Furthermore, all...

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Built-in Refrigeration & Freezing 2018 - 8

Innovation Many of the ideas that have nowadays become the norm for modern fridges and freezers were first conceived at Liebherr including: our FrostSafe fully enclosed freezer drawers, which prevent cold from escaping when the freezer is opened; our patented BioFresh technology; and our convenient SoftSystem closing mechanism. Innovative ideas We are totally committed to the continual development our products and, as a result, all of our production sites have state-of-the-art research and development centres staffed with highly qualified technicians. Our aim is to be ‘best in class’ in...

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Built-in Refrigeration & Freezing 2018 - 9

Flexible accessories for your fridge Discover the versatility of the original Liebherr range of accessories for your fridge - and make your daily life a bit easier. Organisational systems Set up your fridge just like you want it: In addition to the VarioSafe and the VarioBoxes, we also offer optimal organisation with the variable egg tray and the FlexSystem. Thanks to our bottle shelves and the clip labelling system for your wine inventory, you can also keep track of your beverages. Useful help of all kinds Our butter dish offers space for a wide variety of butter sizes and fits...

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Built-in Refrigeration & Freezing 2018 - 10

Long term food storage has a name: BioFresh BioFresh is Liebherr`s technology that makes food last longer and preserves food quality. At a precise temperature of just over 0°C combined with the ideal humidity, many foods retain their healthy qualities, such as vitamins and minerals, for far longer than in a conventional fridge compartment. Vitamins for a healthy diet The perfect storage environment Of course, it is also really important that freshly purchased food is correctly stored so that its nutrient content is preserved for longer. Aside from a few exceptions, such as tomatoes, the...

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Built-in Refrigeration & Freezing 2018 - 11

LEDs - highlighting the interior Premium range models with BioFresh feature high quality, laterally positioned LED light columns on one or both sides, depending to the model. The columns evenly illuminate the interior to great effect and the special satin finish of the light cover creates an elegant atmosphere. The lighting gradually brightens when the appliance is opened. The light columns are designed to allow adjustment of the glass shelves. In Premium BioFresh models, LEDs are integrated into the dividing shelf so as to evenly illuminate the open BioFresh drawers from above. Freezer...

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