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Totally non-porous, easy to clean with warm water and a cloth, stain proof and resistant against acids and solvents. Unalterable at high temperatures, non-flammable and insensitive to UV rays. A coarser textured surface finish, with a “roughness” similar to the split face or flamed surface of natural stone. A smooth and sand-like finish with a regular grain that confers a natural dynamism to the entire slab. A fine rough surface, ideal for kitchen worktops, exterior paving of yachts and swimming pools. It recalls the sand of the desert, where the wind gently molds the landscape. BIANCO POLARE BIANCO CREMA PORFIDO ROSSO seven finishes for a countless amount of applications colour options GRIGIO CEMENTO GRIGIO PIOMBO NERO ANTRACITE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR LITHOS, SATIN AND LUX FINISHES A fine textured, tactile but smooth surface - similar to a leather finish on a fine grained granite. ARABESCATO MICHELANGELO Very hard, highly scratchproof and resistant to abrasions. Manufactured respecting the environment and protecting consumers, free of petroleum-derived products and resins with antibacterial properties. Soft matte finish with a silky texture and low sheen that is extremely easy to maintain. A highly reflective polished finish that naturally enhances luminosity. ARABESCATO CANOVA ARABESCATO PERLA ARABESCATO DONATELLO ARABESCATO CORALLO ARABESCATO BERNIN

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lious Italian Surface surface kitchens bathrooms d exterior interior and exterior The perfect example of Italian style. Lapitec® is a “full body” sintered stone entirely developed and produced in Italy. It combines great aesthetic appeal with advanced physical and mechanical properties. Lapitec® is manufactured in XXL size slabs (dimensions up to 3365x1500 mm) Via Bassanese 6 31050 Vedelago Treviso PRODUCT CERTIFIED FOR LOW CHEMICAL EMISSIONS ULCOM/GG UL2818 PRODUCT CERTIFIED FOR LOW CHEMICAL EMISSIONS ULCOM/CG UL 2818

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