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CROWNE PLAZA: COLCHESTER As a preferred supplier for AB Hotels, Lano Flooring Solutions was called upon to provide carpet throughout the 194-bedroom Colchester Five Lakes Resort. Flooring Solutions!

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CROWNE PLAZA: COLCHESTER A mixture of 10 and 11-row axminster carpet has been used throughout the resort to provide long-term durability. 1,700m2 of corridor flooring relies on 10-row axminster Bedrooms utilise tufted carpet from Suite concept In brief Location: Colchester Five Lakes Resort Client: Crowne Plaza Group Design: AB Hotels & RDD Quantity: 5,000m2 Types: 2,500m2 bespoke axminster 1,700m2 10-row 800m2 11-row 2,500m2 tufted Suite concept Now run by worldwide hotel group, Crowne Plaza, the Colchester Five Lakes Resort is the first of its kind in the UK for the chain and provides...

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