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Landscaping - 1

YEAR WARRANTY * for Easy Lawn qualities STILL WORKING

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Landscaping - 2

It’s always great weather with articial grass from Lano Landscaping !

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Landscaping - 3

benets Quick and easy installation Natural appearance UV-resistant Extremely durable A lush green garden all year round Feels like natural grass Minimal maintenance Withstands all weather conditions Mowing unnecessary Environmentally-friendly applications HOME Gardens Swimming pool surrounds Patios and verandas Balconies Greenhouses Terraces and roof gardens Lounges Houseboats and yachts Caravans and mobile homes

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Landscaping - 4

the 4 pillars of the Lano Easy Lawn qualities The three raw materials that are used in the production of articial turf: Raw material Appearance Touché Durable UV-resistant T° uctuation Pile yarn Root yarn Not only does the bre choice play a crucial role in the durability of the product, but also its construction. Three specications are extremely important: weight per square metre, height of the pile and the number of bres per square metre. The quality of the backing is extremely important as it will impact on the long-term appearance of your articial grass. The backing used in Lano...

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Landscaping - 5

opting for an articial lawn ? Easy Lawn Excellence Pile composition Primary backing Pile height ± Total height ± Roll width Garden Pile composition Primary backing Pile height ± Total height ± Roll width YEAR WARRANTY 100% PE woven and reinforced PP primary backing 13 mm Pile weight ± 1650 gr/m² 15 mm Total weight ± 2860 gr/m² 200 & 400 cm Order Code: GAR 100% PP woven PP primary backing 7 mm Pile weight 8 mm Total weight 200 & 400 cm Easy Lawn Cottage Pile composition Primary backing Pile height ± Total height ± Roll width YEAR WARRANTY YEAR WARRANTY mix of 100% PE and 100% nylon woven and...

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Landscaping - 6

installations instructions articial turf for landscaping & household applications We would recommend you call upon the services of a professional to carry out the installation of your articial lawn. However, understanding that you may wish to undertake the project yourself, we hope that the guidelines below will help you along. There are various installation options available, so have provided the most commonly applied methods for your information. Before you start When determining the length and width you will require, please do allow some extra that will be lost during cutting. It is...

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Landscaping - 7

installation instructions articial turf for landscaping & household applications Installation of articial turf Carpet Roll out the carpet and, if you install several rolls, be sure to lay all in the same direction. Proceed carefully during the installation and while rolling out the carpet to avoid any folds. Make sure that the articial turf is completely level everywhere, and leave enough time for it to acclimatise. Start by roughly cutting the outer edges. To do this, fold the carpet over and carefully cut between the pile rows along the back using a sharp knife. Trimming can be carried...

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Landscaping - 8

An articial turf lawn is easy to maintain It is important to regularly remove leaves, twigs and other organic material, either with a leaf blower / vacuum cleaner, a stiff brush or a rake. Larger objects such as branches must be removed manually. If moss appears in areas where there is not enough sunlight, an anti-moss treatment could be necessary, preferably applied during the spring and autumn. Use a bio-degradable product for this; never use acidic liquids or bleach as these chemicals could damage the bres if applied in too high a concentration. There is no need to remove snow and ice...

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