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M_ano understands In recent years, the manufacturer has:' taken positive steps towards conducting business in a more sustainable way. We want to show our customers, suppliers and people that a sustainable way of business works for everyone and reduces. the use of natural resources. This is reflected in our sustainability statement.-

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Sustainability Statement Lano is committed to our environmental responsibilities throughout the entire sourcing, production and delivery process. Lano’s clear objective is to minimize any negative impacts that our footprint might have on the environment, both through direct and indirect working practices. Working closely together with our customers and suppliers, careful monitoring and analysis is a key responsibility of each business division of Lano. Each division is required to implement environmental systems and is fully responsible for environmental performance, reporting to the Board...

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Reduce Reduction of Carbon Emissions During the last six years, Lano Carpets’ greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by 40%. The target is to obtain an overall reduction of 60% by 2012. Therefore, Lano commits to invest € 500.000 during the period 2008 – 2012 for the implementation of its energy plan. As a participant in the Belgian Flemish Convenant, Lano has to reach benchmark energy efciency and CO2-emissions targets to the level of the best international standards by 2012. Lano has installed solar panels on the roof of the buildings within its 12 ha production site, enabling it to...

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Reduce Reduction of Waste Product Using Lean Manufacturing Lano aims to reduce the amount of waste product in its manufacturing processes in the near future. A waste is any cost that does not add value to the customer. All waste ows such as latex silt, cutting and textile wastes are monitored on a monthly basis with the target to reduce these ows by 20% by 2012. Lano is running an on-site waste program to drastically reduce the amount of waste that it disposes to landll. Monthly measurements monitor the progression and compare actual results to the set targets. A new wastewater treatment...

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Recycle Lano is actively seeking business partners to develop sustainable recycling options for both manufacturing and post-consumer waste from within the industries in which it operates. Lano is working closely with business partners to organize the possibility of returning post-use carpets, carpet tiles and articial grass. For this purpose Lano is a founding partner of the Optimum pilot project, launched by the UFTM in France. This project organizes the returning of post-use carpet tiles, their collection and recycling modalities. As a member of the UFTM, Lano works together with a...

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Rethink - Renew Lano rethinks everything it does with the aim of becoming a more sustainable manufacturer. As its customers rethink their way of life, Lano rethinks its part, focusing on reducing, reusing and recycling initiatives to minimise its impact on the environment. Lano continues to develop more qualities and designs using more sustainable raw materials, including nylon yarns that contain a minimum of 70% of post industrial recycled content. This is a milestone in Lano’s progressive path towards complete sustainable products. The manufacturer applies the principles of sustainability...

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Life Cycle Analysis A true environmental footprint of Lano products can only be detected when a detailed analysis is carried out. The LCA helps Lano to understand the environmental impact of its products. With the LCA the manufacturer looks at every aspect of the life cycle of the carpet or articial grass. Lano measures, quanties and identies opportunities for improvement of the environmental impact in all stages of the life cycle of the product. Life cycle Transport The analysis is conducted by a third party and starts with the raw material, production, shipping and transportation, to use,...

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Partnerships in our environmental policy GUT (Gemeinschaft Umweltfreundlicher Teppichboden). Lano is a member of GUT. EPD – certicates (Environmental Product Declaration) are developed by the GUT organization. This is a report of product ingredients and environmental impacts that occur during the production process and life of a product. Through EPD, customers can compare products and their environmental impacts and choose those products with low environmental impact. The EPD is based on the data provided by the LCA. This information is available in a standardized report, certied to a...

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Contribution to a better living environment Lano products increase the quality of life for people. A carpet makes it easy for people to feel comfortable, by providing a quieter environment (absorption of noise and sounds) it considerably enhances the feeling of wellbeing. Carpet is also a rst-rate thermal insulator and contributes to reduction in energy consumption. With a carpet, indoor air quality is also improved: dust is trapped so that fewer dust particles ow in the air; fungal growth is easily kept under control with regular cleaning; and VOCemissions from carpet are extremely low...

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