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Section Line - Eng

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Contents Sectional doors Extra space / Made-to-measure Panel types Colours to dream about Personalise your sectional door Automation ... even more comfort Safety first Your door in top shape Realisations 03 04 06 10 12 14 16 18 20 //L-door / Section Line / 2

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Sectional doors You dream about a quality garage door that offers the highest levels of comfort, ease of use and safety which also fits perfectly with your lifestyle. For these reasons, L-door has always specialised in developing and producing high quality sectional doors with a passion for innovation and continuous product improvement. This brochure provides an introduction to our Section Line, the leading reference in sectional doors. In choosing an L-door garage door, you are also opting for a Belgian manufacturer that offers you a high quality product with an emphasis on durability,...

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As well as comfort, durability and safety, extra space is undoubtedly a real bonus as opting for a sectional door actually saves space. Because the door is divided into sections, the loss of space in the garage is negligible. As the door does not swing out when it is opened, you do not lose any valuable space on your path or drive and you can also park your car right up to your garage door. Extra space ... a real bonus //L-door / Section Line / 4

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//L-door / Section Line / 5 Made to measure Just like all personalities, all houses are unique. L-door always keeps this in mind, ensuring that your sectional door perfectly meets your every wish. There is a door to suit every house that fits harmoniously with your chosen architectural style. L-door offers an extensive range of panel types and we also finish your door in the colour of your dreams. L-door makes every sectional garage door to measure. If you intend to use your door as the main entrance to your house you may like to opt for a walk-in door. If you would like more light in your...

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Panel types Stucco ST1 Lined ST4 Non-lined A first step towards achieving a unique sectional garage door is choosing the panel type. The Section Line offers a wide range of panel types: from stucco to flat panels and imitation wood grain panels, all either lined or flat and finished in the colour of your dreams. If a natural look fits the style of your house much better you may prefer to opt for an imitation wood finish, which is available in true-to-life colours. All L-door panel types are 42 mm thick which improves insulation, durability and stability. //L-door / Section Line / 6 L-DOOR...

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ST2 Lined Flat ST18 Centre lined ST3 Non-lined ST 19 Lined at the top //L-door / Section Line / 7 ST17 Microline The colours shown printed here may differ from the real life colours.

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Imitation wood grain ST9 Lined ST5 Non-lined ST15 Centre lined ST10 Coffer //L-door / Section Line / 8 The colours shown printed here may differ from the real life colours.

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Imitation wood ST11 Light oak, lined ST13 Walnut, lined ST14 Dark oak, lined ST16 Mahogany, lined //L-door / Section Line / 9 L-DOOR PANEL THICKNESS 42 mm The colours shown printed here may differ from the real life colours.

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Colours //L-door / Section Line / 10 to dream about

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//L-door / Section Line / 11 So many possibilities L-door paints all sectional doors in its own workshop using a special process. This is also the reason why your door’s paintwork will easily stand the ravages of time. You have the choice of standard paint or textured paint. If your sectional door will be exposed to extreme weather conditions or you would just like an extra 2 year guarantee period on the paintwork, then a coating of ‘Tigerfinish’ is the ideal solution. This additional coat of varnish gives extra protection to your sectional door. TIGERFINISH GUARANTEE 5 2

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Personalise your sectional door Letterbox conforming to Cat flap European standards You probably use your garage for much more than just parking your car, which is why windows are the ideal solution for providing additional daylight. L-door offers several solutions in various shapes and sizes, ranging from stainless steel and metal to plastic frames combined with acrylic or glass windows. It is also possible to have a glass section within the door itself. Your sectional door can also be fitted with a walk-in door which is integrated within the surface of the chosen panel, moving seamlessly...

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Circular window in stainless steel Acrylic circular viewing window with synthetic seal Viewing window with rounded corners Viewing window with slightly rounded corners Triangular aluminium windows available in different sizes Arched window in aluminium Stainless steel decorative shapes have much aesthetic value //L-door / Section Line / 13 Viewing window with slightly rounded corners

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Automation ... even more comfort All our motors are fitted with low energy lighting with a timer and can also be expanded with energy-saving lamps to provide additional light. If you add up all the advantages of an automated sectional door, you get the most user friendly garage door possible. Our motors are all made to the highest standards, they are easy to use and they are supplied with two remote control units as standard. The controls can also be expanded with a number of accessories, which even allow you to control an automated garden gate at the same time. It is always possible to...

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A Handy and discreetly designed number pad You sectional door can also be operated with an built-in or surface mounted cylinder lock This remote control fits in your car’s cigarette lighter The electronic contact key reader is barely visible when fitted in the wall Two remote controls and a remote holder are supplied with all automated doors //L-door / Section Line / 15 OW-LINK BY L-DOOR Operate your sectional door with your mobile phone, even when abroad

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//L-door / Section Line / 16 Safety first Walk-under security All L-door garage doors are always fitted with walk-under security. This enables us to guarantee the safety of your family and pets. A closing door that meets any form of resistance will stop automatically. The door will then rise a few centimetres so that any obstructions can be removed. Optical sensor security The L-door ‘Eagle Eye’ optical sensor combines safety with additional ease of use. An infrared beam runs along the bottom of the door. If this beam is broken when the door is being closed, the door will automatically open...

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