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L’ANTIC COLONIAL Inspiring spaces. Inspired by nature Natural Wood » Classic Classic 1L Nogal Formats: Description Wall: Yes Indoor: Yes Outdoor: No Characteristics: L'Antic Colonial's laminate flooring can be laid on top of water underfloor heating systems. This system was developed by applying cutting-edge technology to wood flooring. Created to offset stress in a floor's different structural layers, it contains an intermediate coniferous layer, with plywood below, to counteract the natural movement of the wood, ensuring dimensional stability and thus improving on the stability offered by solid wood flooring. L'Antic Colonial's parquet flooring is a top-quality product, made with carefully selected raw materials in a complex manufacturing process. As a result, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the warranty offered by L'Antic Colonial, its full use in homes is guaranteed for 30 years. A floating floor is an installation system where the planks are not glued to the floor, although they might have to be glued to one another in the case of certain models, as indicated. This makes the flooring much quicker to dismantle, and so it is the ideal choice when refurbishment or repair work is necessary. The planks are glued directly to the floor. This gives the flooring a stability, firmness and improved sound insulation, eliminating any reverberation. Parquet with few knots on its surface that can vary in size depending on the type of wood. These, along with any cracks that may appear, shall be covered with putty. There are consistent color changes between pieces. Material from a European country. Parquet made with walnut wood. Beveled cut on the long sides of the board in order to create a continuity effect. The FSC certificate guarantees that forestry products have been harvested from rationally managed woodlands in accordance with FSC principles and criteria. These define the minimum levels required for the proper management of forests worldwide. An installation system where tongues and grooves along the edges of the boards are used to fit them together. A little pressure must be exerted to slot the boards into place and they are bonded with contact adhesive. Tools are needed to assemble them. L'ANTIC COLONIAL's APRESTO (satin) and APRESTO MATE (matt) varnish finishes guarantee a unique quality surface able to meet the most demanding of requirements. They also offer other big benefits: -Apresto/Apresto Mate finishes ensure the highest of hygiene standards. Because the pores in the wood are sealed, dirt and dust remain on the surface and can be easily cleaned away. -The surface can be easily polished several times. -The finish of parquet flooring varnished with Apresto and Apresto Mate has been found to last twice as long as that of conventional factoryvarnished parquet. Installation sheet: Installation video: Maintenance manual:

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