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SOLAR PLANTS modular ■ no concrete ■ environmentally friendly

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solar energy innovative · regenerative · environmentally friendly Energy of the future? Energy of the present! Clean energy The sun gives us what we need to live. Life as we know it requires the right temperature. And don’t forget that photosynthesis and the Earth’s hydrological cycle and air currents do also depend upon the sun. In addition, the sun is growing ever more important as an energy provider – energy that is sustainable and renewable. Energy price hikes and an increasing shortage of fossil resources are what is driving the development and use of renewable energies. In solar...

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Solar Systems - 3

What is solar energy? The sun produces energy that is emitted toward Earth in form of electromagnetic radiation. Solar energy is the basis of all life down here on Earth. The total energy emitted by the sun is much, much larger than what humanity is able to consume. Utilizing this free resource is not only an obvious way forward, it is also environmentally friendly. What is photovoltaics? The photovoltaic effect turns sunlight into electricity. The sunrays are absorbed by photovoltaic cells and converted into electricity. Every photovoltaic cell is made of wafer-thin layers of...

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Solar Systems - 4

history innovative · creative · international More than 100 patents and innovations for our customers “We come up with usable solutions” says Klaus Krinner, and his innovative ideas, which combine functionality and emotions in an ideal fashion, have indeed been compelling – since 1990! These German highquality products and solutions have revolutionized the market again and again: KRINNER sets new standards worldwide. KRINNER puts much emphasis on regional growth and the preservation of jobs. After all, it is every single member of staff who contributes to the company’s overall success...

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Solar Systems - 5

KRINNER sites worldwide KRINNER will help you all over the world! We have many different sites, so no matter where our customers may plan a project, we can always provide them with the utmost quality and competence. Australia Austria Barbados Belgium Belorussia Bulgaria Canada Chile Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Dubai Estonia France Germany Great Britain Greece Hungary Iran Italy Japan Kazakhstan Latvia Lithuania Luxemburg Netherlands Poland Romania • Russia • Slovakia • Slovenia • South Africa • South Korea • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • Thailand • Turkey • Uruguay • USA

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Solar Systems - 6

ONE OF THE LARGEST SOLAR FARMS WORLDWIDE innovative · modular · environmentally friendly gänsdorf, Germany Flex III-3 H50; two rows, vertical format 54,885 kWp total capacity 125,322m construction length 243,936 modules 52,060 ground screws The “Gänsdorf Project” in Straßkirchen We realized one of the largest solar farms woldwide in Lower Bavaria in no more than four months of construction time. Its surface area is that of about 270 football fields and it gener­ ates up to 54 megawatt. Open-space capacity Flex III: no concrete, utmost stability The Straßkirchen solar farm was built on an...

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Solar Systems - 7

The construction was also ecological: No unnecessary and expensive temporary roads were built. Innovations for the environment KRINNER is committed to functional and environmentally friendly solutions. This is why it is always coming up with new innovations and proprietary developments. Ground screws do not only have the advantage that the screw-in machines can be installed in no time, they can also be positioned exactly where needed, be adjusted exactly as needed and are storm-proof and suitable for all kinds of soil – even on slopes. Another outstanding feature is that using ground screws...

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Solar Systems - 8

GROSSENPINNING, GERMANY The solar farm in Lower Bavaria was realized in 2010 with 770 ground screws and 3,124 modules on the argillaceous local soil and in a very short period of time. Flex III-3 H50; two rows, vertical format 703 kWp total capacity 1,566m construction length 3,124 modules 770 ground screws LEIBERTINGEN, GERMANY KRINNER flex II 2.08 MWp total capacity 5,990m construction length ca. 17,000 modules 121 watt/module 2,960 ground screws LEIWEN, GERMANY flex II; eight rows, horizontal format 3,630 kWp total capacity 7,275m construction length 48,400 modules 3,508 ground...

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Solar Systems - 9

schwarzhof, Germany It didn't even take one month to install 7,406 ground screws in Ponholz, Upper Palatinate. Neither the difficult terrain nor ground frost in December put the project at risk. 27,880 modules do now create clean energy. SAULT STE MARIE, CANADA KRINNER Solarsystems installed more than 30,000 specially built special foundations with welded plates for the difficult soft and sometimes craggy soil: a customized solution. SOUTHERN SPAIN The foundations of the CSP plant in southern Spain consisted of 960 KRINNER ground screws. SENFTENBERG, GERMANY With the Flex III-2 P FS6...

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Solar Systems - 10

Competence from the initial idea to its implementation: our highly qualified and committed team is made up of engineers and specialists. KRINNER Solarsystems globally develops customized solutions and highly efficient open-space plants. From the initial idea to its realization and maintenance: We are the ideal partner who will provide you with an all-round package. In order to guarantee safe and high returns, our specialists customize every system and only use components of the highest quality. KRINNER Solarsystems is fully committed to protecting the environment. That is why we...

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Solar Systems - 11

the flex iii-system flexible · no concrete · efficient The Flex-system is installed fast and does not seal the soil: Your 1st choice – in both economic and ecological terms! The KRINNER Schraubfundamente GmbH Flex III-System is the perfect choice for free-standing solar and CSP plants. The concreteless and flexible ground screws do not seal the soil and can easily be aligned toward the sun. Exemplary solutions and applications: • Open-space solar plants, • Photovoltaic trackers System “KRINNER Flex I and Flex III” • Concentrated solar power (CSP) • Open-space solar plants, various system...

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