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Cover Plate-G 66 Cover Plate for KSF G 66x550-1xM8 and G 66x650-1xM8 Pivot/Linkage Cover for-G 66 Pivot cover for cross-bracing on chicken wire fences in conjunction with KSF G 66x550-1xM8 and KSF G 66x650-1xM8 Steel, galvanized according to DIN EN ISO 1461 Steel, galvanized according to DIN EN ISO 1461 Reduction Sleeve Set-G 66 5-piece reducer insert set for Ground Screws KSF G 66x550-1xM8, KSF G 66x650-1xM8; Reducer to 55.5 mm/50.0 mm/43.0 mm/38.5 mm/34.0 mm Material Twisting Element-G 66 Twisting insert to fit KSF 66 Material Insert cap for ground screws G 66x550-1xM8 and G 66x650-1xM8 incl. Allen screw Subject to technical change! Krinner Schraubfundamente GmbH | Passauer Straße 55 | D-94342 Straßkirchen Phone: +49 9424 9401-80 | E-Mail: | efficient · no concrete · durable

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