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Modern Foundation Construction - 1

MODERN FOUNDATiON CONSTRUCTION efficient ■ no concrete ■ durable

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Modern Foundation Construction - 2

MODERN FOUNDATION CONSTRUCTION WITH KRINNER GROUND SCREWS efficient · no concrete · durable The best ideas are those that are easy to apply and that do also function easily. Easily the best, if you will. With its ground screws, KRINNER Schraubfundamente has been revolutionising foundation construction for almost ten years now. Doing without an arduous process of excavation, concreting and refilling, KRINNER Schraubfundamente simply uses the screw concept. This versatile system saves time and money, goes easy on resources and provides new opportunities for an innovative design. Its worldwide...

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Modern Foundation Construction - 3

FAST, EFFECTIVE AND SAFE KRINNER solutions for your foundation Timber-frame construction Ideal for sustainable, efficient and long-term timber construction concepts advertising and transport technology An attractive and cost-efficient alternative thanks to an uncomplicated and fast assembly. urban and garden and landscape construction An ideal and modern solution, in both ecological and business terms SHED AND CONTAINER CONSTRUCTION Flexible, economically efficient and fast: modern construction at its best Be it a traffic sign or a marquee, a carport or a large event hall, flagpoles up to...

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Modern Foundation Construction - 4

Timber-frame construction ADVERTISING AND TRANSPORT TECHNOLOGY ecological · no concrete · professional effective · no concrete · durable Carport: 10 ground screws E89x1000-E60 Advertising sign BMW Welt, Munich 6 ground screws M 114x1600-M24 If you want to use timber you have automatically opted for a sustainable and forward-looking solution. So the next step, opting for ground screws, is a logical one. Saving time and costs, getting new customers and new advertising space. The optimised and fast assembly makes for huge saving potentials, while, at the same time, the ecological, economic and...

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Modern Foundation Construction - 5

URBAN AND GARDEN AND LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION SHED AND CONTAINER CONSTRUCTION safe · no concrete · uncomplicated economical · no concrete · flexible Bicycle shed (900 m2) Schiedam (Netherlands): 86 ground screws M 76x1200-M24 Gaggenau exhibition space on Lago Maggiore (Switzerland): 24 ground screws M 89x1600-M24 A fast, safe and ecological optimisation of the townscape and cost savings, too: Construction projects using KRINNER ground screws allow a targeted construction without construction sites, excavations and concreting. This means huge time savings in such projects and thus also a...

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Modern Foundation Construction - 6

photovoltaic installations stable · no concrete · fast modular · no concrete · environmentally friendly Industrial fence: Ground screws E 90x800-E60 Open-space installation, Straßkirchen: set up with ground screws using rack system Flex-III Be it garden, industrial or high-security fences, be they for protection, decoration or security: Our fence ground screws provide you with whatever you need for the realisation of whatever you want – no matter how flat or hilly your property might be. Special and large foundations are built into all solar power systems known in the market. Compatibility...

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Modern Foundation Construction - 7

screw-in machines precise · user-friendly · safe It takes specially developed machines and equipment to screw in the ground screws fast and precisely. Be it meadowland or soil that is hard to remove (class V) or solid rock (class VII) even: KRINNER Schraubfundamente provides you with effective solutions that optimise screw-in in our ground screws in a customised fashion. KRINNER Schraubfundamente also has the right gimlets for solid rock.

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Modern Foundation Construction - 8

fastening solutions versatile · future-proof · productive perpendicular · safe · permanent For all applications the right accessories for a fast and effective use. We have the right accessories even for the most unusual foundation work. Modular: Modular use with flange plates, geared to the respective static loads Geared to general and individual needs. conical shape/granulate: Tapering foundation made of special plastic for highest stability and long service life for fences and sign posts. fast: The newly developed ground screw system makes for very short assembly times perpendicular:...

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Modern Foundation Construction - 9

Krinner Schraubfundamente GmbH | Passauer Strasse 55 | D-94342 Straßkirchen Phone: +49 9424 9401-80 | Fax: +49 9424 9401-81 | E-Mail: | Krinner Schraubfundamente revolutionises foundation construction with authorised representative offices in more than 40 countries worldwide.

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