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Krinner Produktkatalog - 1 Including Ground Screw Driver including ground screw driver and Accessories and accessories PRODUCT CATALOGUE Product catalogue PROFESSIONAL GROUND SCREWS Professional ground screws

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More than 100 patents and innovations for our customers. Dear Partner, We are pleased to present you our latest product catalogue. The KRINNER team is proud to see that the ground-breaking invention of ground screws has established itself as a real alternative to conventional concrete foundations. It has also come a long way since its invention: In this product catalogue, we present yet another advancement of the ground screw. The fundamental shape, specific thread and driving methods have been optimized by new and innovative ideas. This has resulted in a further increase in strength values...

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CONTENTS Service Advantages – added value Services and solutions Background knowledge Pre-dimensioning table Sustainability Quality management Applications Timber-Frame Construction Advertising and Traffic Systems Urban, Garden and Landscape Construction Hall and Container Construction Fencing Systems Solar Systems

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CONTENTS Ground Screw Product Series E Series F Series G Series K Series M Series U Series X Series Drivers KR E 10 Ground Screw Driver KR E 20 Ground Screw Driver KR H Manual Screwing Tool S1 Manual Screwing Tool KR D 55 Ground Screw Driver KR B 40 Ground Screw Driver KR B 60 Ground Screw Driver KR B 250 Ground Screw Driver Cable Detector

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MODERN FOUNDATION CONSTRUCTION efficient · safe · sustainable Respect for the natural environment is a further argument for professional ground screws: The soil remains unsealed, so foundations can be removed cleanly without hassle. Building modern foundations with KRINNER Ground Screws (KSF) does not only fit right into nature and our environment, but also presents entirely new, rational, time- and cost-saving building processes for the construction worker. This quick and uncomplicated foundation method allows high quality solutions at low cost. It ecologically and economically outperforms...

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ADVANTAGES - ADDED VALUE quicker ■ more efficient ■ safer The innovative foundation method of KRINNER Ground Screws simplifies planning and implementation for users, for safer, quicker and more affordable building. It requires no earthworks or concrete pouring, and hence none of the transport costs or logistical effort that comes along with it. No construction site disturbs normal business during installation. The soil structure and vegetation remain largely untouched. Also the soil remains unsealed, so foundations can be removed cleanly. Concrete foundation ^Excavation |parthworks| Repair...

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SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS individual · competent · comprehensive Competence from the initial idea to implementation. COMPETENCE FROM THE INITIAL IDEA TO IMPLEMENTATION KRINNER develops customized product solutions using ground screws as foundations for various application fields. As your competent partner, we offer you a comprehensive package from the initial idea to implementation. Every solution is developed individually and tailored specifically to the customer‘s wishes using the highest quality components. EXPERTISE – FOR EVERYONE KRINNER offers innovative solutions and comprehensive...

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SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS individual · competent · comprehensive CUSTOMER SERVICE – AvailABILITY WHEN IT IS NEEDED With expertise, experience and customer-focused thinking and action, our customer service team offers you a comprehensive package of services and solutions: • National and international customer service • Pre-sales and after-sales service • Quick handling of customer inquiries • Communication interface between partners, sales force and engineering • Comprehensive partner support and advice for all solutions • Coordination of on-time deliveries • Complaints management ENGINEERING –...

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SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS individual · competent · comprehensive Catalogue of Engineering Services Basic Service Items Technical Advice 1. Technical training (basic package, advanced seminars) 1.1 Statics training 1.2 raining on driver and excavator operation T 1.3 Product training courses 2. Technical advice at events, trade fairs and customer appointments 3. Preliminary evaluation and material conception for preparing offers Structural Analyses 1. Structural analysis of the KSF 2. Structural analysis and development of the adaptation to KSF Load Tests Planning, performance and analysis of...

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BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE individual · competent · comprehensive Designation system for KRINNER Ground Screws Nominal length Shaft diameter KSF E 140x1300-E76-100 Further specifications: – Diameter setting E R – Rectangular flange plate Nominal length M – Moment (torque) P – Planar flange Shaft diameter M – Number and dimensions of side threads Series E – Eccenter system F – Flange G – Threaded fastening K – Conical plastic M – Mounting on thread U – U-shaped post shoe X – Special applications KRINNER Ground Screws Designation system for KRINNER Ground Screw Driver KR E 20 Driver Z1 F3 – Flange...

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BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE ON INSTALLATION The following criteria apply to KRINNER Ground Screws made of hot-dip galvanized steel for stable erection of structural elements and for bearing loads by redirection into the ground. These criteria serve as a guideline for professional and qualified execution. ASSESSMENT AND PREPARATION Before installing screw foundations, an assessment and calculation must be made on the basis of the existing loads and respective ground conditions. A reference value and pre-dimensioning table is provided for preselecting the ground screws. The final foundation design...

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Driving a ground screw into the ground generates a turning force or insertion torque. The torque applied during insertion serves to drive the ground screw along its axis. The manufacturing parameters can be automatically determined during quality control. During insertion, the special indications in the operating instructions for the driver or driving tool must strictly be observed. The foundation-specific requirements must be taken into consideration and the installation performed according to the current state of the art. REQUIREMENTS AND SAFETY AT THE CONSTRUCTION SITE All points marked...

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